7″ VINYL REVIEW: “Prelude to Debut” by Pale Earth


I feel sorry for people in Brisbane, Australia and the World who don’t know the healing power of Benjamin Thompson and his amazing music. You may not know his name and if you don’t then you clearly don’t respect music enough. You should probably go back to your business plan and not even bother because you fail. Sorry to sound harsh and elitist but if you’re going to be a successful local scene dude you may want to invest in the history of your town and in Brisbane no one makes music cooler than Benjamin Thompson. Okay, so the name still doesn’t ring a bell you fucking thundercunt, well let me do the hard work for you – Benjamin Thompson played in the most radical band of the past decade, they are called “The Rational Academy” and before you move any further please go and visit this bandcamp page and buy everything:


You haven’t done it yet have you? Your laziness has gotten the better of you and you think you have heard all that is cool about cool guitar music. Let me tell you that you are wrong, now go and visit this link:


I’ll only tell you twice

Moving forward, I was thrilled to be sent an advanced link to the brand new Pale Earth 7 inch titled “Prelude to Debut.” The songs contained on this release are beyond fantastic. To divert for a second, I better let you know that Pale Earth is the latest creative vehicle for Benjamin Thompson, you know, that Kool as fuck dude who I mentioned above. I’ve loved everything that he has released so far under the Pale Earth name and “Prelude to Debut” is no exception.

There is so much hurt and loss buried inside these electronic mood pieces and it is perfect doomgaze. I can just relax into these songs, with the lights turned off and just be lulled into all kinds of landscapes. I can feel the beauty and ugliness of life all at once but I can also taste the regret dripping from these songs. It’s the kind of regret that one suffers in times of loss, regret for the suffocation of time and our lack of it. Considering the music is largely instrumental and basically two pieces of moodgaze electronic fuzz it is amazing how lyrical the noise is. Thompson’s manipulation of noise is where the story is told on “Prelude to Debut” – it speaks louder than any words and you can hear the pain pouring out of him even as you sink inside the rather blissfully cold electronic fortress that is surrounded by a halo of funeral drones. These passages of sound are drenched in loss, it is beautifully overwhelming how these two pieces of music send your imagination crazy with an inundation of life’s best and worst memories.

It goes without saying that Pale Earth is a very important project and one that I am following with a feverish fascination. Considering the amount of rapture shaped drones being communicated by Pale Earth it still affects and stays with me like great pop music. This music stays with me and is the special kind of top shelf stuff that I only share with very special human beings. Pale Earth deserve to be worshiped and Benjamin Thompson deserves his own chapter in the music industry textbook so that all of the little children can understand how to be an artist as opposed to a musician (trust me, there is a big difference).

The new 7 inch from Pale Earth “Prelude To Debut” is vital listening for those of us who respect music. If you don’t enjoy this, then I’m sorry, you are just into music for its entertainment value as opposed to the emotional release it can provide. I feel sorry for you, but you can always learn, this 7 inch is a good start.

10 Million Cassette Tapes out of 10

Listen and Order on the following link:


By: Dan Newton

Useful Links:

Official Website – www.paleearth.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/paleearth
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/paleearth


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