EP REVIEW: “This Town” by Release The Hounds


Release the Hounds are a very traditional DIY punk rock band from Brisbane and their wonderful second EP “This Town” has just been released and it is a beautiful no frills movement of music. There is no bullshit with Release the Hounds and it is very clear that this band is a pure exercise in integrity and the joy and cathartic release of playing intense punk rock music. That will always get big marks from me due to my appreciation of the entire history of punk rock.

On this EP the band doesn’t really break any creative boundaries or push any envelopes musically but with the kind of sound the key to communicating successfully is your use of intensity and dynamics to make the straight ahead feel resonate. Release the Hounds do a perfect job of that and are brilliant in the way they mix the aggression and song structures to keep you interested. They sound like a band that has spent years studying the Melvins and Black Flag handbook but I also hear Fugazi and The Nation Blue as well.

Look, bands like this will do two kinds of things to people – it will either make the closed mind non-respecter of music history go “it all sounds the fucking same” or it will appeal directly to human beings fed up with clean and neat music who want some fucking intense release. If you fall into the latter category you’ll end up following this band every step of the way because that is the kind of rapture Release the Hounds demand and reward their fans with and that is fucking exciting.

I loved this EP and it helped sell me on the DIY attitude of Release the Hounds and for that I’m glad. I’m so pleased to see young bands be so dedicated to the ethos of actually doing it themselves instead of competing in the dirty rotten pyramid scheme known as the music industry. Fuck it thrills me beyond belief.

If you’re young pissed off and in search of a band to be your saviours then Release the Hounds are the band you’re looking for, do your best to listen to their amazing second EP “This Town” it is all kinds of brill.

8 Cassette Tape Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

Useful Links

Bandcamp – http://releasethehounds.bandcamp.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rthbne


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