SINGLE REVIEW: “Endless Drain” by Major Leagues


I am absolutely in love with the new single from Major Leagues. It is called “Endless Drain” and it is a wonderful illustration of summer pop framed by all of the joy and release of lo-fi shoegaze. It just makes you feel good and showcases Major Leagues respect for combining experimental guitar music with pop skills. I can hear the nods to Sonic Youth, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and Yo La Tengo on “Endless Drain” but I also taste the delicious AM sway of Carole King.

It’s great that Major Leagues make such brilliant pop music but I really hope they stretch their legs on a full length sometime soon and really freak the fuck out on the noise side of things. That would truly rule. More reverb, delay and fuzz, totally let the pop skills suffocate underneath the blankets of screaming noise.

All that shite aside, I love it and it reminds me hardcore of the healing power of Yo La Tengo and that is an important influence for any indie pop music humans to indulge in. Fuck, it sounds so damn good. I’m about to press play again, this is the kind of song that saves lives and brings humans closer together for awkward park bench kisses, ah the joy of the crush.

8 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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