SINGLE REVIEW: “Heavy” by Hannah Karydas


There is something refreshing about the debut single from Hannah Karydas which is called “Heavy” – for a start it boycotts any standard pop song or sunshine agenda and communicates a deeper kind of hurt with a wonderful percussive gallop and vocal atmosphere. There is some serious heartbreak being discussed on this track with a reflective focus on the anger of teenage disappointment. It has some serious intensity which remains restrained which showcases the talent of Hannah’s songwriting. A lot of artists with this much angst would have found a way to reach some kind of distorted crescendo, but on “Heavy” we only get the subtle fuck you which is so amazingly fresh. Hannah is clearly a student of the “less is more” theory and this song is a clear example of when it is done right.

“Heavy” sounds like it is part of a bigger piece of communication though, a single in terms of its ability to resonate with you on a direct level but I can’t help but predict that Hannah’s upcoming debut EP will be a wonderful journey of youthful intensity and pain. I personally have become a massive fan just from this song and I can’t rave enough about the intelligence of Hannah’s writing. Underneath the atmosphere and strums of the acoustic guitar you can hear how much joy and pain relief Hannah gets from communicating through music. I also hear an artist that is giving us a small glimpse at her desire to experiment with sound, not just song structures but with the dynamics and atmospheres and moods of her compositions. Much like the amazing Emma Louise, while all the other humans in Australia spend time trying to write obvious radio fodder, Hannah Karydas will resonate with a larger audience by boycotting that path and creating music that is heavy on emotion and thick with sonic experimentation and “thank fuck for that” is all I can say.

I’m going to say that you’d be foolish to ignore Hannah Karydas because she’ll be a star. I hear so many awesome sounds in her song “Heavy” from M.I.A. to Patti Smith with hints of Radiohead and other right on artists like Emma Louise. That is just on the surface, as I’ve mentioned I’m convinced that Hannah Karydas is an intense disciple of music because from this song alone you can tell how much she respects music and how much she wants to honour her eclectic influences.

This song is perfect and if you don’t understand why then I guess you are one of those humans who believe in the power of coming first in a band competition, you fool.

Do your best to track down Hannah Karydas and invest now.

10 Cassette Tapes out of 10

Check out “Heavy” by pressing play

P.S. check out this song as well – fuck, talk about a swoony little heartbreaker of a tune, so much ache

By: Dan Newton

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