SINGLE REVIEW: “Lost Track Of Time” by MTNS


Don’t read this just go and listen to the brand new single from MTNS immediately, oh fuck it is so great. This is the kind of electronic swoon that I love and over the course of 2 minutes and 56 seconds MTNS deliver one of the best things I’ve heard all year. It’s got the perfect ingredients in terms of what I desire when I listen to music – a heavy mood, an atmosphere saturated in all kinds of aches and a deep yearning – and when you slip deep into the late night sway of “Lost Track of Time” you just fucking float away. I don’t care that I’ve heard this kind of song dynamically and stylistically before a million times over, that doesn’t matter at all because I’m a sucker for this kind of sound. I’ve just played this song for the 50th time since I heard it and I still get that good time vibe from that bummer sunshine radiating from every inch of it.

Fuck, MTNS know what they are doing and how they want to communicate their emotions through music and that will always make me sit up and take notice. They call this Chill Wave, fuck it, I do but I don’t really know who or what kind of music that refers to. This is just plain old shiver pop to me in the Cocteau Twins and Boards of Canada tradition.

Stop teasing me with singles MTNS I want a fucking full length – I can’t wait to hear how they travel over a full length. As long as it makes me swoon like “Lost Track of Time” I’ll be a very happy human being.

You get top marks from me, but release an album asap please.

Listen to the song here and do it now:

10 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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Soundcloud –


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