SINGLE REVIEW: “Shallow Water” by Sports Fan


The new single from Sports fan is called “Shallow Water” and it is a very cool pop song and just like the bio states, it has that Ben Folds flavour. This is very well executed music and when the quirky verse explodes into the moody chorus things become all the more interesting and tasty. I also hear a whole bunch of Blur on this song, when Blur indulges in sunshine pop. It does however lack that beautiful English cynicism that Blur do so well and instead opts for the Folds 101 wordplay. This song is of course perfectly framed by the appearance of Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music, Little Planes Land) who is all class and performs beautifully.

A song like “Shallow Water” is ready to go and is bound to put Sports Fan that bit closer to being next year’s Triple J darlings. Overall this is too sickly sweet for regular rotation on my stereo but the excitement and conviction of Sports Fan is the infectious part. Sure, you could argue it’s the pop skills but the song is hardly progressive in terms of its structure and dynamics. It sticks to the plan of verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus etc etc and there is a reason why this kind of structure exists. If you stick to it you can’t really fail but reading the map is one thing, learning to explore without it is another and I’d love to see more of that from Sports Fan. This is however a minor piece of criticism on my part because as I mentioned, the band’s conviction and passion is what shines through when you listen to their music and regardless of genre it is important to convince people you mean it and I believe what Sports Fan have to say.

8 Cassette Tapes out of 10

Have a list to “Shallow Water” right here:

By: Dan Newton

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