ALBUM REVIEW: “Hidden Horizons” by Ghost Notes


It was quite clear that within the first few moments of Ghost Notes brand new album “Hidden Horizons” that I was sold on the healing power of this band’s music. I listened to this album at least 3 to 4 times in a row before sitting down to write this review and I can say that each listening experience was uniquely different but emotionally satisfying. This is really life affirming music for humans who like to challenge themselves when it comes to the Art they consume. This isn’t music that’s shooting for indie rock darling status; this is music that was made because five humans had a desire and an emotional need to express the complex emotions of life through sound. All of the joy and disappointments pour out of these songs and the lack of vocals add to the intensity because you as the listener have full artistic license to dream up your own meanings and landscapes purely by digesting the emotional performances of each song.

The intense Australian sense of melancholy on display is in line with the stark yet beautiful ache illustrated by artists like Dirty Three and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. I also hear the yearning and swoony late night doom-jazz sounds of a band like Bohren & Der Club of Gore but I also wonder if a band like Boards of Canada didn’t also influence the direction of Ghost Notes sound. All of these comparisons aside, it is safe to say that even though I use the above mentioned bands as a way to compare it needs to be said that Ghost Notes truly have their own sound and “Hidden Horizons” is the perfect example of how unique this band is.

Look, you can be the kind of human who looks to impress other humans by remaining plugged into what hip modern culture sells you as art soaked independent music or you could actually really colour outside the lines and stand behind a band like Ghost Notes. You may not impress the hip modern vultures but you’ll at least have a pure heart and clean soul for rejecting the beige regime of people just playing “songs” and finally engage something truly unique, envelope pushing and genuinely emotional.  When I muse on the power and importance of Brisbane music bands like Ghost Notes are the ones I’m willing to stand behind and be proud to say are from the same music community that I participate in.

Ghost Notes are an absolutely fantastic bunch of humans making future music for those of us who desire something unique. Their brand new album “Hidden Horizons” is a flawless illustration of when art triumphs over commerce and that the most relevant, dangerous, experimental and emotional independent music is being made by the humans completely disconnected from the cocksucking thundercunts of that big indie dollar machine.

So cancel all your unimportant weekend plans of pointless networking indulgence and just buy “Hidden Horizons” by Ghost Notes on vinyl, pour yourself a nice cup of tea and Bliss the fuck out to this masterpiece of mood, emotion and sound.

“Hidden Horizons” is definitely a contender for the best local release of 2013.

10 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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