EP REVIEW: “Paradise” by Cub Scouts


Cub Scouts are a much hyped band at the moment and it is hard not to see their band name splashed all over my Facebook news feed. As a music reviewer this can make you feel both suspicious and a tiny bit reluctant to indulge the hype because let’s face it, regardless of how good a band is sometimes you have to break through the hype to try and find the real value of the music being communicated. So I sat down to listen to the brand new EP from Cub Scouts called “Paradise” with a degree of optimism and hope that I’d find something refreshingly new and worthy of the hype.

The EP itself is a joyous piece of communication that has enough indie Dancefloor hits to keep young humans satisfied. There is a wonderful sway to the music that is infectious and from a scientific point I can understand why this band is so popular with humans at the moment. This is risk free pop music that is festival ready and no doubt the very “now” triple j humans will be playing this on high rotation which is cool. I wanted more though and again, this EP is quite an enjoyable movement of music that scientifically showcases the talent of the band. For me though it doesn’t offer anything new to the slowly redundant dialogue of indie pop.

It was the tiny glimpses of “Saturdays = Youth” melodies that kept me pressing play because I’m a sucker for that kind of melancholy but it just wasn’t in abundance. Like most bands in this genre the time will no doubt come when the band has to decide whether they want to explore deeper avenues or to just keep it “pop music” simple in order to keep the smiles beaming from the audiences faces.

All in all, a solid second EP that shows the band as one of the brave new leaders of neatcore and keeping the indie pop tradition alive and well for the new decade.

7 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

Useful Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CubScoutsMusic


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