Single Review: New Manic Spree – ‘Ghosts’

ImageDuring the first 30 seconds or so of New Manic Spree’s latest single, one question comes to mind: What happened to music with teeth?

Like a hundred other ‘indie rock’ bands, there’s a bland synth keyboard sound and polished good-boy vocals bemoaning some generic ailment, in this case ‘ghosts in my mind’.  The glassy, overly produced guitars evoke Bloc Party, and the deliberately off-kilter drumbeat would make watching a roomful of kids dancing to it a slightly hilarious sight.

Remember Expatriate?  This is what I think New Manic Spree could sound like:

But unfortunately ‘Ghosts’ winds up more in this territory:

New Manic Spree make a good fist of writing a song, it’s deceptively catchy by the halfway mark, but because of the production it sounds like hundreds of other songs by hundreds of other bands and is easily forgettable as soon as it ends.

But who am I kidding?  They’ll probably be huge on Triple J.

6 Synthesizers out of 10

By Clint Morrow


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