SINGLE REVIEW: “The Ethereal Darkness Beyond Planet Earth” by Mega Ogre


The brand new single from Mega Ogre is called “The Ethereal Darkness Beyond Planet Earth” and it is fucking amazing. It has that entire Doctor Who spook in its execution with some wonderful dream pop vocals courtesy of lead kool things Wailin’ George Alien and Average James who communicate with a delicious swoon. The emotional drama swirls in and out of some supreme pop sunshine ensuring that you allow just enough space for musical healing and indie pop dance floor rapturisms (for those who prefer a more aerobic approach to their catharsis). All in all it is one solid motherfucker of a tune that begs the question, when do we finally get a full length?

Mega Ogre should boycott the absurd unsure nature of release strategy and just launch straight into crafting a full length. An EP is a dandy pre-meal appetiser but when the flavour and emotional pulling power of song like “The Ethereal Darkness Beyond Planet Earth” hits you, you’re not interested in social meal etiquette – you want the fucking main course and with all the intelligence that drips from this song, Mega Ogre have the capacity to craft and intense and very interesting full length album full of shiver pop psyche Doctor who space rock.

You’re a fool if you don’t attach yourself to this band now, they will be fucking huge.

10 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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