SINGLE REVIEW: “Wanted” by Go Violets


The brand new song from Go Violets is called “Wanted” and you all need to hear this amazing piece of pop music. There is so much to love about the sound of Go Violets and the bands previous single “Josie” was a slice of sweet slacker shine but “Wanted” makes all kinds of pleasure promises for what our ears can expect on the bands upcoming EP “Heart Slice” which is out on the 4th of October.

Look, I had a whole schedule of reviews and articles to write for Heavy and Weird tonight but as soon as I heard this song I just had to put all of that on hold so I could spend time listening to “Wanted” so I could review this song tonight. I love this band and this song beautifully exceeded my expectations and to be honest I knew that we were in for something pretty special because Go Violets are human beings who respect and believe in the healing power of music, that’s why they sound this fucking good. This was the band our town has needed for some time, the very definition of a breath of fresh air.

From start to finish “Wanted” is a world class song and showcases an array of pop skills and a heavy understanding of the lo-fi slacker dynamic. The band however doesn’t just buy into the thrill of these dynamics they crack them wide open and add all kinds of new flavours which is what allows for Go Violets to sound so fresh in such a redundant climate of humans painfully reminding us about the “90’s” and why the music from that decade was so great. You can tell that the band is having fun making this music and they mean every inch of it.

There is a clear evolution with the sound of “Wanted” compared to the bands earlier recordings, showcasing a band that are escaping any of the “they really sound like so and so” dilemmas that can haunt you in your early days as band. Go Violets have cooked up their own unique taste. It is fucking thrilling as a fan to consume because it just keeps getting better and better.

I don’t really know what the band are singing about or who they are singing it too. I don’t know if there is some deep intense ache fuelling it and quite frankly I don’t care because the song connects deeply when I hear it. It provides all kinds of emotional satisfaction and it really does change the mood of your day for the better and begs for repeat plays. I’ve had this song on repeat all evening and I can say that it still satisfies.

Go Violets will always get top marks from me and I think it is becoming quite clear that they are one of the most vital bands occurring in the world at the moment. I guarantee you that this band will go global and I’ll be proud to fly the whole “hey man, they’re from Brisbane” flag when it happens.

10 billion cassette tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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