VIDEO REVIEW: “Wanted” by Go Violets


There’s not much to review in this video really, I just thought it would give me a second chance at once again review this totally amazing song.

So yeah, I’ve had time to live with the song now and my opinion still has not changed. This is a world class pop song that outshines a lot of the music happening in Brisbane; fuck it, the world at the moment. I know there are a heap of indie pop related bands happening at the moment that touch on this sound but none of them connect and I think that’s because they are so busy trying to be someone else they forget to be themselves. I know that is a rather immature thing to use in a music review, the whole “be yourself” quip, but I think that is the secret to why Go Violets sound supremely better because they are being honest with the listener.

Look, I much prefer sitting down to write about music that I like and that inspires some kind of passion in me. This week I had planned to write a whole bunch of reviews that have been piling up but I just haven’t been in the fucking mood to do it. Hearing new music from Go Violets and the pending release of the new Nine Inch Nails record have however sparked my muse once again and I’ve just wanted to sit down and  write endless articles about why the music of these two bands are so brilliant. Worlds apart I know but you know me I’m not a fucking genre dickweed, you either make good music or you make bad music and Go Violets and Nine Inch Nails both make supremely amazing music. Anyway, that is a fucking disclaimer of sorts I suppose blah.

So the film clip for “Wanted” is you know a film clip, it does what a film clip is meant to do and sells the song quite well. This film clip could have been a plain white screen of nothing and I still would have loved it, providing that song was playing.

I know a lot of your internal dialogues are confused  as to why a song like “Wanted” connects with me emotionally the same way a song by say Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, EYEHATEGOD or TOOL does and I can tell you that Go Violets do the self-same thing as all of those bands.  You either respect music or you don’t.  If you respect music you don’t see the difference between what Go Violets and Deftones do, it’s the same fucking same thing at the end of the day. Dynamically you can speak about the different tricks each band uses to communicate their emotions but at the end of the day it has the ache man and that’s all that matters. Genre should never come into how you engage with the music world because that leads you down a path to being a real bummer anti-equality (subconsciously) human and that is bad fucking voodoo for the world around you man, some real bad shit.

Anyway, anyway, anyway, anyway back to the song.

So yeah, the film clip, very cool but it’s giving me a second chance to review the song now that it has had a chance to be a part of my life for longer than a few hours. I wanted (pardon the pun, fucking boom tish boom) to really document with this review why the song is so damn cool. I know I have a habit of being way too fucking deep and intense and I’m sure some people may engage in that kind of conversation after they read this, the whole “shit, that guy looks way to deeply into things” and yeah yeah, fuck off – but once again I descend into disclaimers and not the point, so here is the point.

What makes “Wanted” so amazing is the lyrics and melodic structure of the song. The dynamics of the song itself are in debt to the kind of pop music that Kim Deal creates which will always allow for an instant “kool thing” vibe to leap out at you. There is an undeniable kool to Kim Deal and if Go Violets wanted to put a genre next to what they do they should just call it “Kim Deal Pop Music” because that collision of words really sells the amazing sound of what they do. I know the younger humans reading this will hear the whole Best Coast thing and yeah that does cross my mind but you know for as much as I love Best Coast all roads lead back to Kim Deal. I think in my searching to discover why I like “Wanted” so much I discovered that it has a lot to do with Kim Deal so yeah,” Kim Deal Pop Music” – I’m sure your publicity and management teams will advise against it but you know, that’s what I’ve labelled you in my iTunes library.

Go Violets make music in the same way that Kim Deal does, it is full of pop music spooks and punk rock kooks. There is however another reason, a lot bigger than Kim Deal, as to why Go Violets and the song “Wanted” in particular connects so deeply with me and it has a lot do with the following song:

Please press play and turn it up loud

That’s right, Carole King – everyone who has a healthy investment in all things grrrl and punk rock and slacker know just how important a record “Tapestry” is. The above song “It’s Too Late” is one of my favourite pop songs of all time. The hook and feel of “It’s Too Late” is the same good time vibe I get from “Wanted” when I listen to it. I love a band that can mix pop skills with weirdness and noise and Go Violets have a wonderful Carole King vibe to their pop skills and upon re-listening to “Josie” I’m also convinced that is why I love that song as well. I think The Carpenters are also responsible for that same feeling but “Wanted” has so much in common with Carole King.

So yeah, Kim Deal and Carole King that pretty much sums it up for me. That is why Go Violets fucking rule and that is why “Wanted” is a brilliant piece of pop music because it steals and re-invents the masters of the craft.

I’ll be counting down the days for the bands EP release in October.

10 Trillion Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

Watch The Clip and Listen to the song right here:


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