SINGLE REVIEW: “Straight Through The Sun” by Spiderbait


The brand new SPIDERBAIT single “Straight Through The Sun” is a beautiful piece of psychedelic pop music and like the brand new TUMBLEWEED song “Mountain” it is 1 million times more refreshing than anything offered up by the modern youth humans.

Perhaps I’m just old and remember a time when alternative guitar bands sounded convincing or perhaps, just perhaps, SPIDERBAIT have released one of the best local singles of 2013. I’m going with the latter because upon repeated listens the joy and genius of this song just jumps out at me again and again.

What makes this song so beautiful is the interplay between the drums and guitar. The drums roll forward like some kind of psychedelic motorbike or legless nightmarish man on a skateboard with the guitar providing this rush of blissed out fuzz that perfectly frames the emotional high maintained through the beauty of escape in the psychedelic fast lane.  There is nothing retro about the way SPIDERBAIT are communicating the joy of psychedelic rock and that is what makes it so fucking right on.

On a really basic level and my own wankerisms aside, the song just flat out rocks and it makes me want to bang my fucking head and go out and have a really good time with a bunch of people I love. It reminds me big time of why I love this band so much and why this new album will be such a joy to finally witness.

Thank You SPIDERBAIT – it was worth the wait

10 Billion Cassette Tapes Out Of 10

By: Dan Newton

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