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LADYFEST – What does it mean to be a woman in the Arts?

-Written by Jas Swilks

“Women in The Arts: What difference does it make?” was an afternoon of discussion and laughter hosted by LadyFest at Brisbane’s Zoo bar. Throughout the afternoon we were introduced to a group of amazingly creative, unique and passionate women who work across the Arts, including Green’s candidate/Bollywood dancer/writer Rachael Jacobs, musician Seja Vogel, prosthetic limb artist Priscilla Sutton, erotic writer Krissy Kneen, tattoo artist Aureole McAlpine and screenwriter Michelle Law. Leading the discussion panel was the vibrant and bubbly Marlin Othman from LadyFest.

The panel was a great mixture of inspiring advice, hilarity and honesty; delving into both the challenges and triumphs associated with being a woman in creative arts. Over the span of 2 hours, the six women shared deeply about their lives as female artists, and the choices which have…

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