ALBUM REVIEW: “All Day Venus” by Adalita


From the early days of Magic Dirt, all noisy, feedback drenched, piss-your-parents-off-through-the-bedroom-wall volume, through big studio major label pop fuzz, to the self-managed follow-the-muse later era of the band, Adalita Srsen has always written and performed glorious music.  Her career arc is infinitely interesting, and since the curtain was prematurely drawn on Magic Dirt with the tragic passing of bassist and best friend Dean Turner, Adalita took an unexpected u-turn with the surprisingly mature Hot Air EP and her self-titled debut album.  The slow-burning beauty of those first solo records, coupled with some mid-period Magic Dirt pop inform Adalita’s new album All Day Venus.  It’s an inspired pairing.

I cannot express enough just how majestic this record is.  Adalita Srsen is an achingly talented, beautiful musician.  From the opening strains of ‘Annihilate Baby’ through to the closing notes of ‘Rolled In Gold’, All Day Venus hit me in the gut and clawed at my heart.  The melodies, musicianship and songwriting take me back to a time before I started writing music myself; a time before I analysed songs and pulled them apart to figure out how they worked.  This is an album I just want to absorb in its entirety.

I recently saw Adalita perform a number of these new songs without a backing band at Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane.  She held the audience in the palm of her hand for the entire set; never letting go of the moody, sultry atmosphere, and displaying a real vulnerability through her performance.  All of this drips through the speakers as you listen to All Day Venus.  It’s an album that demands you sit down and truly listen, rather than letting it become background noise.

Listening to Adalita’s All Day Venus makes me feel like a teenager falling in and out of love again – with all the innocence, beauty and heartbreak that entails – and that’s probably the biggest compliment I can give to an artist.

Rating: 10 bruised hearts out of 10

By Clint Morrow

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