ALBUM REVIEW: “She Beats” by Beaches


The second album from BEACHES is called “She Beats” and I am severely upset that I’m late to this audio revolution. There is so much joy dripping from this record and the lo-fi sunshine that is communicated is pure stoke every time I have this record playing through my headphones. This is pure soul drenched psyche rock n roll. The triple guitar attack gives BEACHES a totally righteous drone that washes each song with a heavy mood and atmosphere providing totally other worldly landscapes for you to escape into.

Not that I like to get too deep into geography when it comes to humans who play music but my first instinct was to hear an Australian take on My Bloody Valentine but instead of the dreary cold European paranoia running in and out of the sound you’ve got that Australiana boredom and disappointment fuelled by the absolute despair of a summer heatwave. Fuck I hope that made sense, either way fuck it, this music has some serious right on drones pushing the pop skills down the lo-fi super highway, it is fucking sublime.

Although dynamically the album is awash with layers of guitars and a thumping rhythm section the music itself doesn’t descend into clichéd rock n roll. There is way too much beauty in the way this music is communicated for it to be “just” rock n roll. The hum of the vocals underneath each track is where the yearning and heartache resides with the pure bliss release of the fuzzy guitar landscapes acting as the perfect vehicle for carrying the ache of each song deeper and deeper into your soul as you get lost in the world BEACHES are creating for you.

As an album “She Beats” is an extreme exercise in divinity and as the album stretches out you find yourself hypnotised by the messy swoony ached dynamics of each song and you just bliss the fuck out waiting for that late night breeze to save you from all of this despair. This is some truly stunning guitar noise and unlike the science of other current psyche rock humans this music is totally free with the improvised moment being the pivotal instrument in orchestrating such soul power.

Fuck, this is the band that should be worshiped instead of all of that indie hype machine psyche rock trash agenda being pushed by more popular outlets of radio and media. All of that hype machine psyche rock trash misses the soul power and BEACHES are way more fucking divine in the way they communicate musically that I find it difficult to put words to how beautiful it is.

Don’t waste time on the popular vote, invest now in BEACHES and do everything you can to source a copy of “She Beats” and make sure you fucking pay top dollar because BEACHES deserve all of your love and your money.

I may be late to the party but I’m sure as fuck not going to be leaving any time soon because BEACHES make the kind of noise that I love to get lost in.

10 Trillion Cassette Tapes Out Of 10

By: Dan Newton


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