EP REVIEW: “Heart Slice” by Go Violets


It’s finally here, the debut EP from Brisbane Kool Things GO VIOLETS and it is called “Heart Slice” and it is packed full of summer sweetness and totally blissed out bummer pop. I suspect that everyone will call this lo-fi and for the most part they’d be right but there is so much pop music shine framing the lo-fi aesthetic on display. Taking all of the science out of it, what you’re left with is an exquisite set of songs that are confident and ready to be big hit machines.

What makes a band like GO VIOLETS so special is the way they collide the pleasure and the pain. There is some real sadness swirling in and out of these songs lyrically and that is what I find fascinating about the music this band writes. There is a deep visceral roar waiting to explode from the sweetness of it all and part of the charm is the way the band balance the dark and the light. Some hearts were seriously broken for these songs to be written.

The real highlight of the Heart Slice EP however is the third track “Beside Me” which just explodes with all kinds of teenage angst and ached confusion. The intense backstory fuelling the sweet shine swoon of the song just destroys me every time I hear it. I found myself listening to the opening vocal sigh over and over again. There was some heavy hurt shaping that melodic communication and I felt like it really opened up some deep emotions inside of me, I know the exact kind of pain that went into make a song like “Beside Me” and it is without a doubt the standout track.

When I reviewed the band’s latest single “Wanted” I highlighted that dynamically GO VIOLETS music is heavily in debt to Kim Deal and if they wanted to classify their music as a genre then they should simply call it “Kim Deal Pop Music” because that really sums up what the band does. I also outlined that Carole King was the other artist that automatically comes up in my mind when I listen to GO VIOLETS and after listening to the band’s debut EP “Heart Slice” non-stop of the past 24 hours I’m convinced that Kim Deal and Carole King are still a big part of the reason why GO VIOLETS resonate with me. What the fuck that means to you I have no idea, I’m talking about my resonance.

I’m incredibly excited about the future of GO VIOLETS and “Heart Slice” is a perfect collection of pop songs for confused post teenage weekend hangover warriors and of course well-adjusted but occasionally unstable non-drinking adults like myself. The most exciting part about GO VIOLETS is where the future may take them. I personally wish for it to go to some deeper and darker places with totally washed out noise guitars and those wonderfully divine vocals weaving in and out of it.

GO VIOLETS are very now but they draw their sound from their own nostalgia for eras of music long since gone. There are glimpses on this EP of a band who’ll break free of the early twenties uncertainty to discover the joy of annihilating their pop skills with total guitar noise freakout weirdness. For now though, GO VIOLETS are an incredible pop band that are on a direct path to being full blown rock stars.

The beauty of “Heart Slice” is in all of that intense darkness swaying underneath the sweetness and it will be the evolution of that darkness that will keep me interested in the totally right on sounds that GO VIOLETS communicate as a band.

10 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton


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