SINGLE REVIEW: “Let Yourself Be Free” by Dark Fair


Upon hearing Dark Fair’s latest single, Brisbanites familiar with their local music scene over the last seven or eight years might hear some similarities to songstress Kate Bradley, who quietly disappeared a few years ago after releasing an excellent album, ‘The Deeper The Sand‘.  If you’re in that boat, your ears aren’t deceiving you; Bradley now goes by the name Ramona Moore, and along with ex-Goodbye Horses & Young Eleanor drummer Ellie Dunn they’ve spent the last two years crafting jagged pop songs as the Melbourne based two-piece Dark Fair.

The immediacy of ‘Let Yourself Be Free‘s opening guitar riff, coupled with stop/start drumming, and bouncing bass courtesy of guest musician Adalita Srsen (yes, that Adalita), are miles away from Kate Bradley & The Goodbye Horses’ introspective indie.  ‘Let Yourself Be Free’ is sonically closer to bands like Franz Ferdinand and Editors than anything I had imagined would emerge from these two musicians.  It’s not a bad thing, though, this approach suits their sparse guitar & drums attack perfectly.  The bridge contains a mountain of handclaps, which would get even the most jaded of hipster crowds moving and shaking.  This is definitely music to dance to.

Dark Hair / Fair Hair – Ramona Moore & Ellie Dunn

As if getting lost in a great pop song wasn’t enough, the B-side ‘Year Of Never Knowing‘ turns out to be the real gem here.  Its slower tempo and spindly guitar lines convey feelings that make ‘Let Yourself Be Free’ sound almost throwaway, rather than just carefree, in comparison.  ‘Year Of Never Knowing’ never loses the ability to keep your foot tapping along, but will have you thinking about its spidery lyrical twists and turns hours later.

Get a copy of this now.  Dark Fair are your new favourite band.

Rating: 8 out of 10

By Clint Morrow


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