ALBUM REVIEW: “Ouranophobia” by Fattura Della Morte


Fattura Della Morte return from their slumber with new album Ouranophobia. FDM have always worn a heavy Eyehategod influence on their sleeve and continue to do so here (for the uninitiated, that’s heavy, down tempo blues forced through punishing thick riffage). Recorded amid many drinks the sound is suitably murky but captures the raw essence and the spirit of the sessions.

Feedback and bum notes are littered throughout but FDM are a band who thrive in the filth (that’s a compliment), one of the few who can capture some of the same menace as their boys in EHG as illustrated perfectly by opener ‘The Artist Formerly Known As…’. ‘FDM Grimnastics’ brings a little swinging groove before pummelling into a med section dirge and ‘No Happy Chorus’ delivers on its promise, a mournful, shuddering number devoid of light. There’s not a lot of variation among the songs outside of the odd groove to get the head nodding and the glorious bass runs at the closing strains of ‘Ugly Broke Miserable’.  If you don’t know who EHG or Grief are you may not be turned on by much of this, however those who love filthy dirty blues played at high volume and low speed will find much to plunder here.  Best served in the dark after ripping a few bongs I’d suggest.

By Roger Killjoy


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