CASSETTE TAPE REVIEW: “Coral Corral” by Pale Earth


Towards the end of 2013 and during the first week of 2014 a lot of the more “funded” publications were publishing their “bands to watch in 2014” lists and fuck, it’s pathetic. I’d like to believe that the people running these publications aren’t sinister enough to believe that their audience is so stupid that they won’t read between the lines and see it for the promo fist fuck that it is, you know the little dance that happens between publicity companies and just about everyone in the industry who’ll afford them hype for the right price. It makes me want to vomit in my hands and smear it all over the dumb fucks gullible enough to celebrate it and share it on their social media pages like it is some kind of “surprise” or “shock” that their band or “client” got chosen.  There is no fucking justice in this industry and these lists should not surprise or shock anyone, it’s all about whose sent the best fruit basket or fist fucked with the right asshole. Scratch my back and I’ll fist fuck yours.

One band who should have been on that list but wasn’t was Pale Earth and it disgusts me on so many levels that all that neatcore “made for TV” music succeeded, fuck it, all of the bands on those lists are simply todays hipsters / tomorrow yuppies and I’m sure their children Theodore and Imogen will grow up and hate them and at least play with a bit of fucking angst.

Believe me, there is a review coming – so yes, Pale Earth are one of the bands you should be watching in 2014 but fucking won’t because it won’t afford you any kind of social fortune and it won’t let you go home and fuck the prom queen on Friday night. Part of me is happy about that because the sinister music snob that lurks somewhere between my obesity and real world empathy believes that “you wouldn’t understand” just how great Pale Earth are.

The name of Pale Earth’s recent release is “Coral Corral” and it is a sweet slice of divinity.

First of all, I was so stoked to finally have an artist send me a cassette tape to review – my life as a music fiend started with the sweet shine of cassette tapes and while all you modern posers try to fake some authenticity with your praise for vinyl I still believe that the Cassette Tape rules all and if I had my way it would be how I’d listen to all my music, fuck I still do on occasion.

The music contained on “Coral Corral” is another evolutionary step forward that sails on a majestic drone that shivers like ancient heartbreak. There is something otherworldly about this music and I for one pray and hope that Pale Earth finally release a full length movement of music because they are the soundtrack to a modern evolution in sound.

I’m just looking at the Pale Earth facebook page and notice that only 139 people like this page, you people make me fucking sick. Stop wasting your time on pointless sound that has a rehearsed agenda and jump inside the Pale Earth spaceship and take a ride to the future where all of the aliens and humans have learnt how to live in peace and harmony without the need for the strangulation of Social Media and People who listen with their eyes.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed “Coral Corral” and wish there was more Pale Earth for me to listen to because the world is a brighter fucking place when this music is coming through my headphones.

By: Dan Newton

Useful Links:

Listen and Buy “Coral Corral” here –

Bandcamp –
Facebook –


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