SINGLE REVIEW: “Pedestal Fan” by Tape / Off


There are a lot of really nice human beings making fucking terrible music in the Brisbane Music Scene at the moment. As a reviewer it is hard because you want to like these bands / artists purely on the merit of how great the humans in the bands are but you can’t because they make shite music that has no artistic value. Sure they may be the triple j darlings or the underground heroes but bad music is bad music and friends should never let other friends make bad music, but I’m always just a loose acquaintance so I guess I can shit on that carpet.

Tape / Off are not one of those bands, they are a great bunch of people who understand and respect music and in return make totally badass sounds as a result. So in short, my kind of band – people I like who make great music that resonates with me. The band has just released a new single which is called “Pedestal Fan” which from their soon to be released debut album and it is a total fucking bliss jam that communicates itself perfectly in less than two minutes.

All of those more fortunate publications will employ some writer to apply all kinds of genre tags to this song and or band; I’m not in the business of serving some kind of corporate agenda so I don’t have to tell you that this song is psychedelic, lo-fi and or the perfect execution of modern indie rock. Any thundercunt with seasoned ears and who respects music will pick that up instantly. The real enjoyment when listening to “Pedestal Fan” comes when you dig a bit deeper and hear the more subtle creative aesthetics at play.

First off I just want to congratulate Tape / Off for being original, sure are there influences that jump out at you but this song sounds fucking real and like four different minds working as one to make something that best represents what future punk should sound like. Thank fuck this is not retro, because I don’t think I could tolerate any more fucking Kevin Parkerism’s or Puddle of Mudd hell fuck yeah grunge tributes from local Brisbane or Straylian Rock Bands. I think the reason why Tape / Off will never subscribe to such a weak handshake mode of communication is because of the drums, fuck, the drums are what make this a firm dose of heavy metal understanding with a Slint Vs Fugazi Vs Sonic Youth heartbeat covered in all kinds of Malkmus jizz and jazz with a warm yet thick dollop of Sebadoh lo-fi sheen.

Yes, Tape / Off understand what is great and glorious about dusty and dirty indie rock but they play it with such a futuristic drive, much like Not From There did before them this band will be one of the many ways forward for the Brisbane underground music scene.

Look, I’ll make it simple for those of you who like their communication all modern and petite – “Pedestal Fan” by Tape / Off is a punk rock song wrapped up in psyche rock heartbeats smothered with the charm and delivery of Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” all the while being a total exercise in modern slackerism. It’s real and has the potential to be ignored and misunderstood or embraced and adored, I guess it really depends on whether you respect music or not. This song could also be beaming with all kinds of light due to Benjamin Thompson’s horn noises but you know, I reckon it is the full package and the power of it all can’t be denied.

Listen to the song now you fucking fool – click the link and turn it up loud

By: Dan Newton

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