SINGLE REVIEW: “Collider” by Roku Music


The brand new single from Roku Music is called “Collider” and it is a beautiful breeze of all that is lovely about emotionally charged guitar music. With heartbreak swoons and a delicate level of smooth blissed out angst, “Collider” rewards you with each new listen transporting you further away from the dull cruelty of existence. Escapism is essential to all great music and Roku Music lay down some sensationally picturesque landscapes for you to nestle into allowing you to just drift deeper and closer to some kind of blue soaked divinity.

This song definitely pays tribute to all that is golden about shoegaze and to those that respect music you’ll be yearning to know where this song takes you in the context of an album. That is what I felt during the course of listening to “Collider” – that this a small part of a bigger sonic story that will no doubt unfold all kinds of emotions (known and unknown) and will cement Roku Music as one of the best bands happening in the world.

It is the heavenly scent sprinkled within those vocals that win me over. The guitars and drums and bass are all playing within the mechanics of the genre but it is the vocals that give this song colour and a true ache that brings me back for repeated listens. There is a mystery to the melody and I want to dive deep inside the fuzz to chase it and find out everything about it and try to locate the meaning of why there is so much joy yet so much pain spilling out of the speakers.  It makes me want to fall in love but it also makes me want to spend some time alone thinking about those two or three girls that you meet in your life time that shape your understanding of heartbreak and all things unrequited.

A song like “Collider” rings out with a nocturnal loneliness that reminds me of the sting of endless Friday nights spent staring at the ceiling trying to find ways to reform my desire to disconnect from the real world modes of fun and living but finding myself stupidly sinking inside a brand new sound that sums up the ache pounding deep inside me. If it wasn’t for finding new sonic examples of that ache and that yearning I’d probably a very happily married man doing very dull things like buying houses and caring about the bottom line. Instead I live for that feeling of isolation with new pieces of sound that best capture that god shaped hole in my soul and my desire to be a totally failed romantic cynic.

In short, support the fuck out of Roku Music – they are beautiful and pure.

By: Dan Newton

Listen to “Collider” by Roku Music on the following link:

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