SINGLE REVIEW: “Ouroboros” by Airling


The debut song released by Airling is called “Ouroboros” and it has a melancholy sweetness that gently gives way to a dark swooned kind of humour. It is a song that is communicating all kinds of mysterious emotions like some kind of strange magic. There is definitely a broken heart somewhere inside this blissed out illustration of pure moody atmosphere and it’s like a dream that goes forever. This is a song framed by cinematic pulses and clearly shows how haunted Hannah Shepherd is because every word she sings no matter how grand or minimal sounds like a spooky symphony. The fragility of her performance is what makes this song such a strong piece of communication. It makes you think that somewhere deep inside Shepherd’s creative muse there lays a life time of hurt that is for the first time truly starting to break through in her music.

This is an artist worth investing in and I truly hope that she boycotts the redundancy of an EP and releases a full length movement of shiver pop classics like she has done with “Ouroboros“ – please black out the windows because this song will be your new nocturnal escapist soundtrack.

By: Dan Newton

Listen to the song via the following link –

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Official Website:


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