ALBUM REVIEW: “Collider” by Roku Music


The debut album from Roku Music is called “Collider” and it is a fantastic movement of music. I’ve enjoyed every inch of the listening experience and rejoiced at the wonderful escapism it provided.  The hazy fuzz and washed out production instantly produces a diverse array of beautiful melancholy related feelings. This is a band who understand the power of navigating darkness in order to produce dramatic blissed out rock music. It’s the kind of album that just allows you to float deep inside yourself with an equal mix of hurt and heartache bouncing round and round your still existence.

I found the best listening experience to be while I was either lying flat on my back in a dark room with a good pair of headphones or late at night while I was driving my automobile. This is how I always choose to consume my music and it takes a great band and only the best music to be able to make me soothe and swoon. Regardless of your genre, music should be an exercise in an artist showing you their soul and with “Collider” despite the occasional obvious dynamic and stylistic tribute to all things Shoegaze, Roku Music are a band who mean it and whose sincerity allows for them to be beautifully authentic.

This brings me to the music contained within “Collider” – those who read this blog know I’m not a big fan of giving you the standard “song by song” review experience. I’ll leave that to the more “sponsored” types to bore you with. I’m much more interested in illustrating to you what this music made me feel.

So here I go – if I was to describe and review “Collider” by Roku Music to an alien who has just learnt about the complicated emotional intelligence attached to the unrequited frame attached to yearning and that “ache” that I talk about so frequently then my review would be as follows.

Sleep will always translate those female friends into lovers, the kind of mysterious hurt that is reserved for the secret unspoken love that cuts deeper than any sort of physical pain. These thoughts and that face, I wish I could sell or trade or just transplant the memory, but when I’m asleep I can translate all of those complicated secret entanglements and forays into a silent affair. These are the celebrated thoughts disguised in the noise of all the music that resonates with me. A beautiful release of music that mirrors that deep burning ache will always make me shiver even deeper in that hurt. The music will explode inside me and wrestle with and finally serenade all of the angst to a place of pure imagined relaxation. This kind of escape is reserved purely for the collections of fools who choose to devour the extreme sound experience and who reject music’s entertainment value. All of the music and sound that goes beyond being just fashion allows for your survival and provides you new ways to cope with daily oxygen consumption.

All the way down, that is where this music goes – right to the core of all that is tender and beautiful about your invisible wounds.

I can’t speak of Roku Music’s goals or agenda as a band, I can only speak of my own personal resonance and upon multiple listens of “Collider” this album has hit me directly in the “feels” as all those cutesy modern fashion fucks would say.

The album is called “Collider” and the band is Roku Music and they are releasing this album on the 3rd March 2014 (via Sonic Masala) and I reckon you’d be rather foolish to ignore this record – the first vital Brisbane record to be released this year.

By: Dan Newton

Useful Links:

Facebook –
Official Website –

Roku Music are touring throughout Australia in March and April 2014 (see their website for details)


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