Album Reviews

“Black Rat” by DZ Deathrays


On their second album “Black Rat” DZ Deathrays continue to evoke the soothing sounds of an elevator inoffensively entertaining its passengers on their short journey.


“Singles” by Future Islands


A clichéd mix of electro pop / rock / radio music designed for the boring and the beige and the clever kids who haven’t worked out the difference between great commerce and great pop music.


“Built On Glass” by Chet Faker


This is an album full of music so meaningful it is meaningless with a few new shades of beige added to this borecore classic.


“Eagulls” by Eagulls


Once Eagulls gets past the dynamics of 1990’s indie guitar rock music and find their own voice they will be outstanding but right now they are the brighter side of mediocre.

“DMA’s” by DMA’s


Wow, this is the most boring movement of music I’ve heard all year. This is so boring I needed to write two sentences to outline just how uninspiring and manufactured this sounds. Now I need three sentences, fuck, this is a new adventure in how far modern youth culture are willing to go to express how privileged and spoilt the internet has made them.


“Supermodel” by Foster The People


The brand new album “Supermodel” by Foster The People is an album built by squeaky clean people for squeaky clean people, an incredibly neat and tidy record.


“Atlas” by Real Estate


This is a fantastic album made by people who respect the float and ache of dream pop.


“Oddments” by King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard


This is very safe music and you can’t go wrong with making watered down 60’s / 70’s psych pop music but in terms of weirdness this music should appeal to the same people who think that “Garden State” was an arthouse film.


“Everything’s A Thread” by The John Steel Singers


I sat and listened to this album over the course of a month in order to find the weirdness and the experimentation but all I ended up finding was a band trying to stay relevant by throwing a few psych and (sigh) jam songs into a mix of rather clichéd indie pop.




EP Reviews

“Apollo / Hung Up On Your Wall” by Sacred Shrines


A very traditional mix of psych rock with enough weirdness to be an incredibly interesting prospect for those who ache for the future to be soundtracked with droned out pop music.


“Harsh Out” by Black Pines


This is the kind of noise that makes me feel beautiful, a truly haunted mix of experimental guitar noise that showcases what real experimental music should sound like – the rest of you need to take note and start doing a better job




Single Reviews

“Broken Window” by Hawkmoon


After spending the better part of four years paying tribute to their influences Hawkmoon finally deliver a delicious slice of originality and finally show that they are discovering their own voice and it sounds fucking magnificent, perfect pop music.


All Reviews By: Dan Newton



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