I’ve attempted to write this review for the past few months but after seeing so many other fine humans say better and more poignant things about the second album from HITS – which is called “HIKIKOMORI” – I started to wonder what was left to say. The problem is there is a lot left to say but what I want to express is hard to document in mere paragraphs because I’ll either overcomplicate it or get tangled in my typical verbose mumblings so I’ve opted to keep it simple.

It needs to be said – and I’m joining the fucking choir on this one – that HITS have made the best rock n roll record of 2014. The joy I feel when I’m listening to this record at full volume is a beautiful kind of catharsis. The fury of it all infects your atmosphere and you erupt into a pure state of being as a result. There is so much cool dripping from this record, the kind of cool that I’ve attempted to reach as a human being and it is the same cool that attracted me to punk rock in the first place. That desire to somehow mimic the soul and the swagger of it all and to accurately express all that is painful with existence through wit and inebriated rage looms large on every track of this album. Each song truly nestles into the power of saying “fuck you” and “fuck the rules” without the need for clichéd fashion statements. I’ve never had the hips for that kind of swagger but I’ve made a career out of collecting that kind of cool and storing it in my soul so that I can at least talk about the passion I feel for artists who communicate all that is right about rock n roll and HITS are master communicators of the rock n roll language.

When I listen to “HIKIKOMORI” I want to be as cool and effective as Stacey and Tamara, the way they kick out the fucking jams remains to be a lesson in what it takes to be a rock n roll star. I’m a biased fool with this band based on my love of the roar that erupts from the guitar playing of these two humans who so accurately shred with passion and rage.

Here I am though doing what I promised to avoid, getting tangled in my mumblings – so I’ll race to the finish line and leave you with this conclusion. The world is full of manicured ideas and soulless empty calories but when you listen to HITS you’re reminded that for every bad example of rock n roll there are those who get it right and who manage to restore your faith in loud guitars and punk rock once again. The world needs more bands like HITS because they are the ultimate tour de force and have the ability to rock the fuck out and in the process they will help restore peace to the galaxy.

God bless the fucking lot of them

10 Trillion Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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