SINGLE REVIEW: “My Mayhem” by Mid Ayr


Artist: Mid Ayr
Song: My Mayhem

This is a nice and neat little folk infused pop song with very “now” vocal melody lines and harmonies. This is the kind of music that is in debt to artists like Bon Iver and Paul Simon although judging from the rhythmic groove and production I have a sneaking suspicion that the gentleman behind all of this, Hugh Middleton, may himself be an avid fan of hip hop. It feels sincere but safe and there is definitely room for this kind of music in the world but a whole album and or EP of this may lose me. I’d love to see a horn section at the crescendo of this, really saturate it with some psyched out weirdness to really drive that point home and spook the fucking sonics up a little bit, just to make it a little more nasty. A deep cocaine fuelled funk section, the kind of deep heavy funk that George Clinton is renowned for would really make this song explode. We’ve got plenty of time to hear about your feelings, why not make them feel a bit uncomfortable in the process of expressing your bummers and joys – don’t show them the scar, take a knife and make a brand new wound in front of them, make it fucking raw / roar.

By: Dan Newton

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