SINGLE REVIEW: “Pentimento” by Foxsmith


Artist: Foxsmith
Song: Pentimento

The brand new song from FOXSMITH is called “Pentimento” and it is a dark hypnotic pop song that creeps along nicely and showcases a deeper side of the band. The hooks are still plentiful but it sounds like WARPAINT’s latest record has really seeped into the dynamics and the overall sonic approach presented with this track. The band also plays a bit of nostalgia hero worship to THE CURE with the emotional yet deadpan delivery of the vocals coming across with a very “Disintegration” era Robert Smith sound.  It is dark enough to be deep but light enough to still be a great pop song that would make the perfect track two on a full length record.

I always hoped that this band would go deeper and darker with their sound and “Pentimento” illustrates a step in the right direction. It would be cool if there was a little more swing in the rhythm section, which would allow for the darkness of the track to bounce towards being communicated perfectly. It feels a little stiff and shuffles too slowly which in turn drags the emotional intelligence of the song down. Considering the music is so beautifully sparse it feels like a more psyche soaked funk disco groove could provide the missing ingredient in terms of ensuring that the audience is hypnotised and fixated on how meaningful and raw the lyrics and vocals are.

Overall this a brilliant song, full of atmosphere and soaked in all of the dynamics that make dark pop music so engaging. I’m looking forward to hearing more from FOXSMITH and I sincerely hope that we get a full length album sometime in the near future.

By: Dan Newton

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