SINGLE REVIEW: “Alone” by June Low


The brand new single from JUNE LOW is called “Alone” and it is a fine piece of songwriting. This is music shaped by the saturation of the Sunday afternoon sun when you feel your most desperate and the freedom of the weekend gives way to the dirge of time trickling away, edging you closer to that moment where you’ll have to adopt the 9am to 5pm routine. There is something philosophically stored in that “Sunday Afternoon Feeling” – as if all that disturbed bummed out energy is somehow a reflection of just how short and lonely life can be. I’m not sure what the muse for June Low’s song was but that is the feeling it provides. I like that feeling, there is a comfort to feeling disconnected and frazzled by the fractured pulse of existence.

What strikes me instantly about “Alone” as a song is the way in which it slithers with such heat. You can almost feel the perspiration dripping from each note. This is the kind of song that could of only come from a long summer spent indulging the sleepless nights with sweat and vacant disintegration. This is the kind of song that stops you in your tracks and requires you to just be still. The narrative whilst personal lends itself to anyone who has love and lost. When I get swept up in the seductive swoon of “Alone” I get taken to that zone where you are desperately trying to find the “hope” after the heartbreak.

This is simply a preview of what JUNE LOW has in store for her debut album and it is strong indication that she’ll be something special and a true star.

9 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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