SINGLE REVIEW: “Hold You Down” by Love Signs


I was instantly hooked in by the brand newish single from Brisbane band LOVE SIGNS. The song is called “Hold You Down” and it rings out like 1980’s R.E.M. – in fact I’m fairly certain that the chord pattern of this song is somewhere to be found on the first four R.E.M. albums but logistics aside it still races along with sincerity. I can tolerate nostalgia when it is done with sincerity and although the vocals are a little too “trained” sounding for my liking they provide a delicious hook that ensures maximum enjoyment. I’d love to see LOVE SIGNS take some risks with this formula and really expand beyond just a good beat, some cool / faultless chords and a sticky pop melody and really dig deeper and show us the heartache. I know it’s in there somewhere because there is some heavy emotion attempted at points during “Hold You Down” but future communication of this ache all depends on whether you want to regurgitate or alienate.

All in all this is music is lovely and young, framed by some extreme promise that with time LOVE SIGNS may outlast all of the current purveyors of jangle pop and truly deliver something right on.

8 cassette tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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