EP REVIEW: Absence by Alanna Eileen


The music of Alanna Eileen has been the soundtrack to my life recently and like all good detours in romantic obsession I have been suffocated by the beauty being illustrated. This is music designed for those that hurt and ache in order for love to shine some light into there life. I’d go as far to say that this is music shaped by the very disappointment of true love never really knowing how to connect itself to your existence. Within each instrumental passage and melodic hook of these songs there is a yearning for a deep escape and a warm embrace. As an EP it flows together like magic and engulfs your entire environment, there is no escape from the atmosphere or mood of each track. Like a spooky hypnotist, Alanna Eileen weaves in and out of your senses whispering her heartache into your soul and graciously leaving you paralysed by shivers.

There is something so still about this music, it erupts with the smoothness of the cool rush of winter rain. The thrill of these songs lays in the way they fire up your own imagination. Lyrically each song has an intense poetic punch that helps draw pictures in your own mind of the kind of escapism that will allow you to transport away from your own daily dilemma. I found myself blacking out all the windows and just laying on the floor of my bedroom and playing this EP on repeat. It helped me remember and forget all of the love I’ve lost throughout the years but it also made me yearn for someone new to come and blow my world apart. That is the petition I put to all new music – just make me yearn deep and I’ll always be a fan of the art you create.

This EP is more than a movement of music to me – it is an obsession. I am consumed by its beauty and grace but the fragility of it all is what soaks me everytime I listen to it. At any moment these songs could fall apart, no doubt like the writer of the songs, from all of the hurt that is sailing in and out of whatever muse gives Alanna Eileen a reason to make the beautiful art that she does.

Music this deep and intense has a habit of being ignored and overlooked by people which always makes me sad. I think that Alanna Eileen will be a star and with time will be everyone’s best kept secret. I am in love with her music and I yearn for more of it because she has that ache that I love to hear in all the music I listen to. The true revolution in 2015 will be the discovery of artists like Alanna Eileen who make art for arts sake and in the process save lives.

By: Dan Newton

Useful Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/alannaeileenmusic
Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/alanna-eileen
Official Website – http://alannaeileen.com/
Bandcamp – http://alanna-eileen.bandcamp.com


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