The brand new single from Eves The Behavior is called “Electrical” and it is classic pop music no matter what decade you are in. As an artist, Hannah – the human behind the moniker – has always showed a great ability to be direct with her writing. To use the everyday language that we may find trivial in order to explain the deeper thoughts and more complicated emotions funding the melodic twists and turns. Anyone whose been following this blog for the past few years will know that I’ve been an early champion of Hannah and the music she has been creating. Over time I’ve seen her go form spacious Mazzy Star experiments to the forever evolving world of electro-pop. No matter the vehicle, the music has always had depth and the kind of ache that keeps me coming back for more.

There is a storyteller tradition to the way Hannah communicates musically and within that there is a deep mysterious swirl of despair and disconnection that you can feel, as if the author has never felt comfortable in her own skin or the different environments she has had to navigate. It is a similar story for anyone navigating the ancient path of youth warfare but in the digital age there carries a unique sense of separation if you are one of the rare few who have been christened as an old soul. The songs Hannah writes are able to universally connect whilst still visually being covered in question marks. It’s hard to understand if these tales of loss and heartbreak are just good stories courtesy of her own observation of the world or if these are deep personal scars buried deep beneath the thousand yard melodic stare. Either way it is a thrill as a listener because it is those questions and that heavy mysterious sound that has you begging for more.

With the kind of smart artful way in which Hannah has evolved her Eves The Behavior project it leaves you wondering just where she will take it. A song like “Electrical” is merely acting as an advertisement to her restless nature and desire for the rush of being the chameleon she has chosen to be. In the pop world that will always yield sonically delicious results putting Eves The Behavior in that elite territory where not only will she learn how to break the rules, she’ll invent a few of her own along the way.

9 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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