The brand new WAXX single is a song called “I For an Eye” and it is no nonsense pop music framed by the forever evolving rush of punk rock. On the surface it explodes with enthusiasm and enough forward motion to inspire equally the dance floor or the moshpit. Instrumentally, each player here is supremely disciplined considering the loose nature of the genre’s the band is leaning on. This shows a commitment to craft and composition as opposed to pure rock n roll anarchy allowing for the subtle dynamics of the song to be revealed with multiple listens. This kind of smart simplicity will give WAXX an edge over their peers because they are willing to go for the big art payoff as opposed to just being another party rock band.

The true joy of this song comes from the vocal performance of lead singer Marie DeVita who sings with vulnerability and full force aggression whilst never sacrificing the importance of a good hook. Underneath the clever wordplay and playful melody is a human being who has gone to a truly deep place to unlock some divine pain in order to give “I For an Eye” purpose. Most surface level listeners will connect this song to being about the corrosion of an important relationship and that certainly jumps out as being one of the many reasons why this song is so covered in hurt.

Personally I feel like it goes a bit deeper than that and all you really need to do is focus on the aggressive delivery and you’ll hear that DeVita is musing on more than just human relationships, she is mourning just how fucking boring and hurtful planet earth can be. There is a plea inside her explosive cries that indicate that artistic self-expression is her only resort for pushing out just how emotionally violent modern life has become. Within that plea there is also a deep sigh wishing for some kind of escapism. Don’t be fooled by the good time vibe, this is a song about the true nature of pain and about how being dragged down by the weight of existence can be a really fucking dull blade to the desire for that better place.

All in all, DeVita’s vibrant performance has peppering’s of defeat and disappointment scattered amongst the sticky hooks. Through her vocal performance we can glimpse the struggle and the disappointment she has been gifted and that instead of going for the full angst payoff she has illustrated an art school level of beauty and grace to ensure that her pain is both the open wound and the healed scar. It’s an exciting thing to preview and something I can’t wait to hear explored on a full length album.

There are a lot of good rock bands coming out of Brisbane at the moment and WAXX may just be one of the best.

8 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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