SINGLE REVIEW: “Stallin'” by Airling


Airling is one of the most talented humans making music in the world at the moment. Her releases thus far have all been flawless pieces of pop music soaked in a wide array of moody sub-genres. There are smart bubble-gum hooks as well as sonic experimentations which gives her music a nice even balance of danceability and slow sinking chilled reflection.  I was particularly a big fan of her 2014 EP release “Love Gracefully” which was one of those go to movements of music whenever I wanted a series of sounds to help me get into a creative headspace in order to write melodies and lyrics for my own band Galapogos. There is just that incredible floaty feeling that is unlocked whenever I hear Hannah’s voice and musical arrangements. It has the power to heal but is mystical in the way that it can allow you to just fucking sink into your own heartbreak memories in order to find the right words or melodic structure for your own creative muse.

The information about what her new single “Stallin'” is leading to is vague but I sure hope it’s a full length album. The world needs a full length album from Airling in 2015. As a song “Stallin'” showcases a deeper ode to R&B without sacrificing those wonderful moody soundscapes. Depending on your reason for listening you’re either going to use this to soundtrack your latest heartbreak, brand new crush or just a hell of a good time late on a Friday night. The songwriting is once again flawless, smart and futuristic with nostalgia stained lyrics. This is some truly “love long distance” type drama and it is unbelievable infectious.

It’s an important turning point for Airling because I think she has proved once again why she is poised to take over the music world in the next 12 months.

10 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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