When I started Heavy and Weird my aim was to essentially just get more involved with the local music scene I loved so much. I never had any goals to go larger or be of any significance to those around me. I just wanted to write about music and in the process give people a glimpse of all that is wonderful about the local scenes of not just Australia but the world. Somewhere along the way people started taking me seriously and actually cared about what I thought and the overwhelming amount of music sent to me for review purposes is both humbling and a little scary. It made sense for me to balance my life as a music critic with my life as an artist because to me it is all the same thing and instead of making excuses for one over the other, I figured I’d just let the planets collide and do both at once.

So, after spending the past decade being an underground music world champion I have finally jumped from artist to entrepreneur and I’m proud to announce the launch of my record label “HEAVY AND WEIRD RECORDS” – I made a decision to expand the Heavy and Weird universe to go just beyond being another music blog.

I’ve long been a fan of artists who no one cares about, the kind of artist who doesn’t care about the pulse of what is popular and what will make money or get played on the radio. Considering the music industry has ceased to invest in forward thinking artists I wanted to do what I could in my corner of the world to collect and release the music I believe is helping to progress and advance the very idea of what music is and should be. A lot of the artists we’ll start working with are Brisbane based but I’m not seeing Heavy and Weird Records as a “Brisbane Thing” because that is way too limiting for me. I want to give a voice and do what I can from a business point for artists all over the world.

Although a lot of our artists would be deemed as experimental and within the avant garde terrain, the aim with Heavy and Weird Records is not to limit ourselves to simply one niche sound or idea. The purpose of our journey is to simply release the music that people don’t care about and to champion the kind of artist who understands what it truly means to be a counter-culture within the current landscape.

The 2015 release schedule will include the fourth album from Death Pop pioneers Galapogos aka my band, the second full length album from noise pop rock humans Thirteen Seventy, “Bitter Dream”, full length albums from Avant Garde Percussionists Macca Dickorice and Chip McNeily and their band Chip and Macca play The Hits, full length albums from metal band Beach Massacre Circa 1885, the debut Australian release of Italian Noise Composer Giovanni Zorzan’s latest opus “David In The Echo Machine”, the debut Australian release of Thomas Pang’s long out of print avant-garde masterpiece “Food We Ate Indoors” along with his much anticipated follow up “Is This Wine Vintage” which has been in the works for the past eleven years, two albums from improvisational vocal group Conversations We Ate For Breakfast, the debut album from drone artist Silk Shivers as well as my debut solo record.

In addition to acting as a music review blog and now a record label Heavy and Weird has also undertaken a once a month community event at the Brisbane Square Library. THE HEAVY AND WEIRD MONTHLY RECORD CLUB is a monthly meet up curated by me and is designed to discuss the diverse world of music. Each month will see an in-depth analysis and discussion on various artists/music scenes that have made an impact on the cultural lexicon as well as a series of very special live Q&A’s with some of Australia’s best musical minds along with some very exclusive performances.

The Library events are an extension of my desire to educate people about the many different secret histories that exist within the music world. It’s the perfect way for the community to engage with artists and scenes that may not have a mainstream voice and to also illustrate just how important it is to value and respect all facets of the music industry.

To discover more please visit – https://www.facebook.com/HeavyAndWeird

Big Love

Dan Newton xo

Heavy and Weird Blog

Heavy and Weird Blog – https://heavyandwierd.wordpress.com/

To have your music reviewed by Heavy and Weird’s music blog please send all associated press releases to heavyandweirdblog@gmail.com

If you make noise then we’re happy to listen and write words about said noise, we have no genre preference. We can’t promise we’ll make you famous, but we’ll vomit all kinds of honesty and passion into a blog about what it is you create.

Head Jerk Off / writer / editor = Dan Newton
Writers = Clint Morrow and Roger Killjoy
Occasional Writing and Photos = Thomas Oliver

Useful Contacts:

Blog – https://heavyandwierd.wordpress.com/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/HeavyWeirdBlog
Email – heavyandweirdblog@gmail.com

Heavy and Weird Records

Artist Roster

1. Galapogos – www.facebook.com/galapogosbrisbane
2. Thirteen Seventy –
3. Chip and Macca Play The Hits – https://www.facebook.com/thirteenseventy
4. Beach Massacre Circa 1885
5. Giovanni Zorzan
6. Thomas Pang
7. Conversations We Ate For Breakfast
8. Silk Shivers
9. Daniel James Newton – https://www.facebook.com/shitonthecarpet

To enquire about or book any of the above artists please email heavyandweirdrecords@gmail.com

If you are interested in having your music released by Heavy and Weird Records then please just email us and we’ll see what we can do


Every second Friday of the month at the Brisbane Square Library – if you’re interested to find out more please email heavyandweirdblog@gmail.com


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