HEAVY AND WEIRD RECORDS – EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT – Thirteen Seventy / Galapogos Dual Album Launch With Special Guests Silver Sircus and Balloons Kill Babies

A Note From The Editor

Heavy and Weird Records are proud to present our first run at crafting a night of music to help celebrate the launch of our maiden voyage as a record label. When we put this line-up together the aim was to not only find a space to launch the new albums from Thirteen Seventy and Galapogos but to also put together a bill that showcases some of our favourite Brisbane bands.

A lot of people have been throwing around the word “eclectic” when describing this line-up and upon review of the true meaning of the word there is indeed a broad and diverse range of sources going towards making this night different from your usual rock show. I would argue however that although stylistically and aesthetically each band on this bill is different there is a distinct link binding them together. Each band pride themselves on presenting their music as a pure and artful experience that gathers and draws on a wide array of influences which results in their own unique dialogue being birthed on a sonic level. Don’t let the foolish nature of genre politics guide your listening experience because collectively Thirteen Seventy, Galapogos, Silver Sircus and Balloons Kill Babies lean on, destroy and re-invent the very blueprint of the genres awarded to them by their peers and associated press outlets.

They may not be the popular vote or the most likely candidates to fuck the prom queen but over time Thirteen Seventy, Galapogos, Silver Sircus and Balloons Kill Babies will make that meek handjob feel like a bad dream as they usher in new more long term forms of pleasure designed to heal and restore peace to the galaxy.

Please Consider

Big Love

Dan xo


Noise rockers THIRTEEN SEVENTY and ambient death-pop band GALAPOGOS join forces to launch new albums at The Zoo on Friday 21 August.


THIRTEEN SEVENTY will release “Bitter Dream” – their second album, adding a myriad of colour to their black and white beginnings. The new album is more atmospheric with a sweeping sense of drama, yet still remaining drenched in noise; a sound that is built on the dirge of Seattle with an affection for the dirty jeans of 90’s Australian alternative rock.


GALAPOGOS will release “An Emptiness” – their fourth album, a re-invention and re-imagining of their sound producing an economical movement of music funded on the influence of hip hop and electronica with a heavy focus on the more humbling and organic aesthetics of the psychedelic rock genre. The end result is a sparse yet verbose journey into the spiritual cleansing that erupts when you destroy everything and embrace the blank canvas.

Coming along for the ride for this very eclectic event are dark cabaret ensemble SILVER SIRCUS, showing off dramatic new material in full band mode from their forthcoming album, and heavy instrumental post-rock trio BALLOONS KILL BABIES, fresh off the back off their national tour launching new single & video “Patches In The Sky”.

Presented as part of the 2015 Brisbane Fringe Festival.

Date: Friday 21st August, 2015
Doors: 8:00pm
Advance Tickets: $12.00 (From the bands)
Door Price: $15.00
Photo ID required for entry

Tickets on-sale now. Click below for more information and bookings


Useful Links:

Thirteen Seventy – https://www.facebook.com/thirteenseventy
Galapogos – https://www.facebook.com/galapogosbrisbane
Silver Sircus – https://www.facebook.com/silversircus
Balloons Kill Babies – https://www.facebook.com/BalloonsKillBabies

Thirteen Seventy

Here is the film clip from Thirteen Seventy for the third single titled “Inside” from their soon to be released second album “Bitter Dream” out on 21st August via Heavy and Weird Records


On the 21st August 2015 Galapogos will release their fourth album via Heavy and Weird Records titled “An Emptiness” – the first single will be called “We Need Them To Chase You” and is scheduled to debut in early August.

To catch a glimpse of where the band has been prior to this here is the The Film Companion Piece to their second album “Feel Or Suffer”


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