SINGLE REVIEW: “I Don’t Feel So Alive” by Gabriella Cohen


The brand new single from Gabriella Cohen is called “I Don’t Feel So Alive” and is from her soon to be released album “Full Closure And No Details” – you can listen to it via the following link:


As a song it is an amazing collection of ideas and truly sounds fresher and more honest than the music she’s made with her band The Furrs. On this track we hear Cohen wrestle with her old world influences whilst also surrounding the song dynamics with a deep need for futuristic voyeurism and when the climax of the song arrives you start to feel the warmth and comfort of a successful dark horse balancing that fine line between genius and madness. This is music birthed from a human who clearly sounds out of step with the modern world presented to her and although the lyrics are self explanatory, it is Cohen’s melodic delivery and guitar strums that signal her disconnection from the sway of what it means to be a young human in 2015.

This is what separates Cohen from her peers because she is on a quest to deliver more than just pop music and with “I Don’t Feel So Alive” we get to bear witness to the interesting dialogue of her internal universe. This song is perfect and buried within the “A to B” structure are little audio gems that jump out during a serious headphone listen. I’m especially in love with the way the backing vocals are striving for something a bit more and the way in which they are executed with intense creativity.

When I listen to Gabriella Cohen I hear a true artist who is striving and succeeding with breaking all the rules of what is expected from music. Whilst her journey is in its infant stages it is not hard to hear that with time Cohen will go on to change lives and influence a great many people with her art.

There is a classic Mike Patton quote that says “The Problem with music is that it is played by Musicians” and it is one that I live by because true music is the sound that comes from people who view it as art as opposed to a scientific collection of rules and regulations. The musician will interpret the rules set by the artist and will never destroy and re-create new ones. With “I Don’t Feel So Alive” we hear Cohen acknowledge the rules but destroy and re-imagine them at the same time which positions her as one of the real contenders for helping the sometimes redundant sounds of Brisbane move to some new radical ground.

8 Cassette Tapes Out Of 10

By: Dan Newton

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