SINGLE REVIEW: “Someone Sometime” by Major Leagues


Major Leagues have existed since 2012 and in that time they have managed to position themselves as one of the more interesting slacker pop bands to graduate from the Brisbane music scene. After one EP the band is back with a new single titled “Someone Sometime” and it is truly and honestly one of 2015’s best singles thus far.

As a song “Someone Sometime” is a Malkmus Milkshake served dripping with the kind of critically acclaimed under the radar explosive self-expressionism that Yo La Tengo was renowned for. The slacker aesthetics are in full bloom but it is the pop skills of Major Leagues that gets full marks. Lyrically the song hangs onto the boredom of young love and the kind of long distance relationship that can survive courtesy of our social media decorated lifestyles. It’s about the celebration of connection and disconnection and is bound to resonate with just about anybody who loves life from Thursday Night until Sunday Afternoon and who knows the importance of 11:30pm Sunday night shopping at the local super IGA, not quite Kangaroo Point and not quite East Brisbane.

The guitars ring with atmosphere and dream pop economics ensuring that the bubblegum hooks have increased float giving the listener even more reasons to lay back gently and just drift away into the freedom of unwashed bed sheets. Nothing is overdone on “Someone Sometime” which gives the song an appropriate pace and enough time to feel like a progressive step forward without sacrificing society’s need for musical nostalgia. The strength of Major Leagues is the hypnotic sway buried inside their musical dialogue. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this song and it feels that the author is both willing and reluctant to go deep resulting in suggestions as opposed to announcements. This gives the song a strong emotional quality and is the real centerpiece for why it connects so deeply when you listen to it and it’s the reason you press play again and again. You want to know “who” or “why” and you secretly hope that the glimpses of deep longing that you spy when hearing the track is not simply purely there for aesthetics.

There is enough raw emotion haunting the vocals to suggest that for all of its sweetness there is an incredible darkness swirling inside “Someone Sometime” and that it feels rather limiting to view this as just a pop song. A true student of the pop song will collide misery and joy in an attempt to serve the sometimes spiritual and sometimes scientific headspace required to make significantly timeless music. In the space of 4 minutes and 3 seconds Major Leagues do that and more with the true power of “Someone Sometime” being the mysterious dirge that rumbles its sunshine soaked refrains.

Truly and Honestly, Kool Things

9 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton



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