SINGLE REVIEW: “Vice” by Grrl Pal


I had to interrupt my planned schedule to rush and review the wonderful new single / song from GRRL PAL called “Vice” – I was intrigued by the name and the fact that they are playing a show with Solo on the 31st July 2015 in Sydney as part of Rare Finds #4. As is the case with social media timing I clicked on the bands soundcloud and was greeted with “Vice” and fucking boom I’m hooked. Before we continue, please have a listen for yourself:


I hate doing the “they sound like” thing but in this case I have to, so if I were to describe GRRL PAL to the elite I would say that they sound like Boards Of Canada, Crystal Castles, M83 and Frou Frou mixed together with a deep understanding of hip hop and dream pop. That is not to say that GRRL PAL rip these artists or aesthetics off, quite the opposite. These are merely music journalist wankerisms I need to smash into an introductory paragraph so I can inspire some kind of interest from those who need the food shoved inside of their mouth.

Those that know me understand that I’m not interested in the typical path laid out for humans that review music. I could sit and talk about the production and how sublime it is and how all of the scientific requirements for good songwriting is accurately met but you know, that is obvious criteria to submit to. For me it is always about the way a song connects with me emotionally and as soon as I heard it “Vice” had the right kind of mood. It just sways and shivers with the uncertainty of a Saturday night. It drifts in and out of darkness and sounds as beautiful as the way the sky looks at about 5pm on a winters afternoon when the sun almost becomes a faded orange. That spooky moment when day becomes night and the adventure of intoxicated bliss awaits, that’s what GRRL PAL really sound like to my ears and it is fucking delicious stuff.

This is good time music for those party humans that carry a deep sense of loss with them wherever they go and who chase escapism through the freedom of being alone with everybody.

9 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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