HEAVY AND WEIRD RECORDS – ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT – Thirteen Seventy stream their second album “Bitter Dream” and announce new singles “Inside” and “Dry”


The music of Thirteen Seventy is soaked in sincerity and when it comes to playing rock music in 2015 a dose of sincerity is vital to sounding fresh and unique. On the surface Thirteen Seventy are indeed just a rock band but if you dig deeper you start to uncover the little subtleties that give their music life and purpose. This is music made by humans who don’t care about being cool; there is no agenda or fashion being made here. For Clint, Tony and Fi the rush of playing loud and intense rock music is rooted in their overwhelming desire to communicate and express the complex emotions plaguing each of them. This is about a revolution of feelings and the need to take two steps back in order to take ten steps forward.

Thirteen Seventy have carved out their own interpretation of the rock & roll ethos since 2010. Mixing obscurity, heaviness, beauty, a (post) aggressive nature and an alarmingly unpredictable attention span, Thirteen Seventy are producing internal sounds for an external world. After releasing their debut album “Arrest The Slide” in 2012, the band have crafted a new body of work built upon their early noise rock sounds with a subtle shift towards all things post punk/rock, pop and noise experimentation’s.

Due for physical release on 21st August 2015 via Heavy and Weird Records, the bands second album is aptly titled “Bitter Dream” and is a journey through the historical beauty of alternative rock adding a myriad of colour to their black and white beginnings. Although the pop skills bury themselves in the sway and pull of the racket and rage the band has now found a way to re-invent and re-interrupt their sound which was initially built on the dirge of Seattle with affection for the dirty jeans of 90’s alternative Australian chord patterns.

The band’s newest and second single from the album is called “Inside” and it is the perfect example of the power of Thirteen Seventy. There is fragility to the way drummer Fi sings this song and it is coming from a place that hurts. “Inside” is not just another love song – this is about something or someone that really haunts her and who she is desperate and willing to embrace. It is about the darkness of love and how to truly surrender to someone you need to love both their darkness and their light. Sonically the song balances this perfectly with the real joy coming when the band explodes into the guitar freakouts at the end of the song which helps give even more meaning to the lyrics. This is the perfect juxtaposition of the kind of style and emotion that you can expect from “Bitter Dream” and it showcases a new commitment to diversity and dynamics only previously glimpsed on past recordings – it is world-class stuff.



Equally as haunting is “Dry” which acts as the stark centerpiece of an album full of rhythm and rage. A delicate tribute to his muse, “Dry” has frontman and guitarist Clint Morrow shaping a complicated affair with some very simple and direct chord stabs that are framed beautifully with eerie layered guitar noise. Aesthetically the song seems out of place on “Bitter Dream” but weirdly it manages to have more volume and emotional intensity than any of the more louder more direct rock songs throughout the tracklist and if anything serves as yet another example of how the band have experimented with different dynamics to get a more consistent sound this time around.



Thirteen Seventy know how to write great chords and meaningful melodies without the use of fancy vests and bowler hats, just a nice pair of slacks. So if music minus the complicated shoes is your cup of tea, then Thirteen Seventy is the rock n roll band you need to invest in.

Heavy and Weird Records are proud to finally unveil “Bitter Dream” for you all to listen to and stream via our soundcloud site:



You can pre-order the physical album and purchase a digital copy via Thirteen Seventy’s bandcamp page – http://thirteenseventy.bandcamp.com/album/bitter-dream




THIRTEEN SEVENTY will be headlining The Zoo on Friday 21 August to launch their new album

Coming along for the ride for this very eclectic event are GALAPOGOS, SILVER SIRCUS and BALLOONS KILL BABIES

This gig will be presented as part of the 2015 Brisbane Fringe Festival.

Date: Friday 21st August, 2015
Doors: 8:00pm
Advance Tickets: $12.00 (From the bands)
Door Price: $15.00
Photo ID required for entry

Tickets on-sale now. Click below for more information and bookings


Useful Links:

Thirteen Seventy – https://www.facebook.com/thirteenseventy
Galapogos – https://www.facebook.com/galapogosbrisbane
Silver Sircus – https://www.facebook.com/silversircus
Balloons Kill Babies – https://www.facebook.com/BalloonsKillBabies



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