HEAVY AND WEIRD RECORDS – ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT – Galapogos release their fourth album “An Emptiness”


Brisbane band Galapogos were established in 2010 and since then they have managed to become one the most prolific and best kept musical secrets in the country. In the past five years the Galapogos live shows and album releases (Established Ghosts (2011), Feel Or Suffer (2013) and Strange Species (2014)) have become legendary with a heavy focus on improvisation, pop skills and a lot of noise nonsense experimentation. It has the capacity to be quite an intense journey that travels the full gauntlet of emotions both known and unknown. The uneducated have labeled Galapogos many things but the band simply refers to their intense noise meditations as Progressive, Psychedelic and Experimental – a beautifully rapturous sound designed to summon the true aliens among us.

A Brief History

Established Ghosts – released 2011 – https://galapogos2.bandcamp.com/album/established-ghosts-album


“This focus on Galapogos’s vocal elegance is not to take away from the bands equally great instrumental talent and imagination. Technique and style shifts from echoing bass lines and synthesised tones – as heard in “Dancefloor Questionnaire”, to the weaving, gentle riff of “Existence Arouses Deceiving Grandeur?, to the Narnia-inspiring woodwinds used masterfully during tenth track “Won’t Fall”. Established Ghosts rises, dips and fluctuates, yet never seems to deviate from the same chilly ambience. The jangling piano and copious other unnamed instruments featured in “R.S.V.P” – the outro of the album – combine to create a perfect little schizophrenic good-bye! Honestly, it’s difficult to pick a fault with this album – and I have to admit, I have none. If you find one, let me know. Review Score: 10/10″ – http://www.theaureview.com/albums/galapogos-established-ghosts-lp-2011

Feel Or Suffer – released 2013 – https://galapogos2.bandcamp.com/album/feel-or-suffer-album


“Their latest production, Feel or Suffer, has bought me great joy, introducing me to some of the most interesting and thought provoking music that has ever crossed my virginal ears. New sounds slowly appear as the old ones fade. Created by those who can see beyond the general spectrum of what we have been taught is ‘good’ within conventional music, this is real and groundbreaking. Galapogos know how to build tension. The musical styling swaps, morphs and alters at such perfect moments you barely register it. It should not work – but somehow it does. Galapogos are the kind of thing that this industry needs more of.” – http://hhhhappy.com/2014/05/08/galapogos/

Strange Species – released 2014 – https://galapogos2.bandcamp.com/album/strange-species-album


Galapogos never got the three minute pop hook memo. Just like the weather here in Queensland never got the memo that we were meant to have conquered it. People poured out into the streets following one of the most intense storms in recent history – windows smashed, cars pock marked – scratching their heads. A lot of people will react the same way to the squalls, shifts and wails that span Galapogos’ new album Strange Species. Made up of two sprawling jams, Strange Species traverses genre, style, ideas, and, in parts, the madness/genius divide. The record lilts and spills through guitar sounds from waves to jabs, finding and losing its way around sections of repetitive riffs and spoken (yelled and whispered) word. I’ve seen Galapogos live a bunch of times, and it’s when they are doing exactly this that they are at their best. This record is really a statement by its very existence. I listened through it during G20 and it made me more hopeful than any of the politicians. Maybe Galapogos did get the memo, they just chose to write their own manifesto in response.” – http://sonicmasala.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/strange-species-on-galapogos.html


On the 18th August 2015 the band’s fourth album “An Emptiness” will be released via Heavy and Weird Records. Continuing on from 2014’s epic “Strange Species” the band has once again re-invented and re-imagined their sound producing an economical movement of music funded on the influence of hip hop and electronica music with a heavy focus on the more humbling and organic aesthetics of the psychedelic rock genre. The end result is a sparse yet verbose journey into the spiritual cleansing that erupts when you destroy everything and embrace the blank canvas.

Heavy and Weird Records are proud to finally share this album with you all – you can stream the album in full below via our soundcloud page or you can download the album for free from the Galapogos band page:

Bandcamp – https://galapogos2.bandcamp.com/album/an-emptiness-album

Soundcloud Stream (listen below)


Despite their funny coloured feet people seem to like what Galapogos do and in return they love them back. Galapogos are always happy to wear the claws if you’d like that.


Useful Links:

Galapogos – https://www.facebook.com/galapogosbrisbane


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