SINGLE REVIEW: “Matter” by Amanda Merdzan


In 2013 I had the pleasure of reviewing an EP by the incredibly talented Amanda Merdzan. In my final paragraph of that review I wrote the following:

“Sometimes you love to have your world challenged by music and other times you just want the music to help give purpose to your own pain. Amanda’s music falls in to the latter category for sure and while it may not be dynamically weird or envelope pushing music stylistically, the music itself is carried and ignited by Amanda’s deep emotional world and that is what is put on full display with “The Map Has Been Redrawn.” This EP is a perfect glimpse of an artist who has just uttered her first musical communication and I feel after both personal and musical growth we’ll see Amanda combine her world class songwriting with some intense experimentation to birth a sound that is unique to her muse.

I can’t wait to see what comes next from Amanda Merdzan and I’ve got a feeling that she’ll do some very interesting things making beautiful future music that goes deeper and weirder.”

After following her career with a feverish desire to know “what will come next” I was absolutely blown away when she sent me her new single “Matter” which was released digitally earlier this year. Instantly I was blown away by the creative leaps taken and although we can talk about the aesthetic changes made, the real joy of this new song is the emotional performance that comes through in Merdzan’s vocals and melodic delivery. We finally hear Amanda finding her own voice and although her debut EP provided the significant vehicle for her stories to be told, on “Matter” she truly sounds comfortable and like she has settled on a sound that better communicates all that haunts her.

The simple lyric refrains of “Matter” explode with a sullen sigh that wrap around your own sadness and amplify’s that desperate need for human connection. This is a song about the true sting of loneliness and that simple plea we all carry inside of us to be understood and loved unconditionally by another human being. To issue a degree of sacrifice and surrender in order to truly commit to love.

The music of “Matter” slithers with a spooky degree of late night malaise almost sounding claustrophobic in its attempt to be spacious. The minimal electronic pulses wonderfully give a modern context to an old world pain. It all collides together to create a timeless piece of escapism that gives the listener the opportunity to apply their own meaning to the song. I just fucking drift away to so many places when I hear “Matter” and my life has been enriched beyond belief because of this song.

It’s quite obvious that Amanda is on a new journey of self-discovery. Her music has taken on more meaning as a result and taking genre laws out of the equation the real victory of “Matter” is that she is finding a way to be more direct with the complicated emotions that she is drawing from for inspiration. I’m honestly so excited about this song and what the future holds for Amanda Merdzan.

10 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton


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