EP REVIEW: “Dynamics Of Disobedience” by Michelle Xen


Michelle Xen makes beautifully violent music about the absolute destruction that occurs when someone you love breaks your heart, it is pure ache. If you listen to any of her songs you can hear the blood all over the tracks. She is bleeding every inch of herself into the music and as a listener it is an exhausting and overwhelming process listening to it. The music itself is so incredibly confronting that if you’re not prepared for it, it can take your breath away and leave you confused. Michelle is a powerful communicator and you have to erase all distractions when you sit down to listen to her music.

So with this in mind, when I sat down to listen to Michelle’s latest EP “Dynamics Of Disobedience” earlier this month. I took some time off work and locked myself away with this beautiful piece of art for a few days in order to get immersed in every inch of it.

The results were positive from the get go. I fell in love with it on impact and connected to the loneliness nestled at the centre of each new song. These weren’t break up songs; this was a roar and a plea for someone to please understand just who you are. The rawness of it all can really cut deep and when you start musing on the lyrics you find yourself drifting deeper into your memories to remember every person who has ever broken your heart.

Musically, the minimalism approach of this EP is spot on and the focus on rhythm almost gives it a hip hop quality. The drums and percussion along with the synths add to the violence of Michelle’s emotional delivery. It makes for a wonderful journey.

After spending a good part of November addicted to this album, I had to disconnect because it started to haunt me just how intense these songs could be. This EP became an obsession and it started to influence every aspect of how I myself wanted to create. I already put Michelle Xen on a pedestal but with this EP, I escalated to full fan boy and honestly felt that unless I made music like the songs found on “Dynamics Of Disobedience” then I wasn’t making pure emotional music.

Luckily I pulled the plug and realised that I was under the spell of Michelle Xen – she gets me every time – and that of course you can make emotional music any which way you want. That all being said I still think that Michelle Xen makes the purest and rawest sounds ever and this EP is the perfect horror movie for anyone still suffering the spook of past lovers.

Michelle Xen is 100 per cent perfection and I love her music more than I can put into words.

10 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton


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