SINGLE REVIEW: “When The World Ends” and “Waiting” by Ayla


After listening to Ayla’s latest singles “When The World Ends” and “Waiting” for the past few months it became clear to me that she is a master of making emotional music with depth and pop music sensibilities whilst allowing space for some modern flourishes to her old world sounding voice. The music aside, that is where Ayla’s true talent is – her amazing soul drenched voice. She commands your attention with her overwhelmingly intense performance and the best part is that all its texture and tone is original and striving to be its own unique sound. As a music reviewer it is always the most refreshing thing to hear when new music comes into your inbox, a voice that isn’t striving for nostalgia or striving to sound like someone else. On impact, Ayla gets me as a fan on that aesthetic alone.

“When The World Ends” is a sultry introduction signalling the moment you awake from a summer steam soaked dream to a brand new horizon of wonder. The essential emotional question lingering underneath the heartbeat of this song is “are you waking up with regret for taking them home or are you musing on regret for the fact that you didn’t actually ask for a kiss on the ride home?” It’s all simple teenage chord movements with the loneliness of youth beating at its emotional core. It is the perfect song to soundtrack the opening montage, setting the ground for characters and plot to be established. The track is clearly a plea to that unrequited love who keeps escaping your grip and who just hasn’t understood just how much you love them. There is blood all over this track; the lyrics are full of the summer holidays yearn and the sting of “what do I have to do to make him / her love me?” It feels like this song was written while everyone else was busy having fun and all you could do was think about them and the only way to dull the ache was listen to some swoon and write a heartbreaker.


“Waiting” is the next logical step of a summer spent yearning for the “she or he” that you can’t have. This is a total ode to the kind of crush you have for a motion picture actor / actress during a summer time yearn, the only thing that will dull the pain, same themes as “When The World Ends” but a different colour.  I like “Waiting” quite a lot as it perfectly captures that shattering moment when you see the “she or he” and just how that moment just shapes your emotions and puts a mix of swoon and ache into your day. You reach the point where you are so in love it is physically hurting you, you can’t breathe and the thought of him or her is like a subtle degree of suffocation. The “ He or She” is both the oxygen and the beautiful disease cutting you off from reality and life itself. These are the kind of teenage love songs I still love hearing as a 32 year old human being because nothing was as pure or as vicious as falling in love in your late teens / early twenties.


I like the stories contained within these songs and the emotion in which they were delivered.

This is a very promising start and I can’t wait for a full length album.

8 Cassette Tapes Out Of 10

By: Dan Newton

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