SINGLE REVIEW: “Glow” by Amanda Merdzan


The brand new single from Amanda Merdzan is called “Glow” and it is a masterpiece of a song that combines the ethereal dream pop skills of artists like Cocteau Twins and Julee Cruise with a modern electro / hip hop aesthetic. The end result is a slow moody dirge which beams with a beautiful rush of winter sunshine. Lyrically the song touches on many different emotions with the main melodic gallop of the track fixating on the idea of escapism and the thrill of being immersed deep inside the suffocating stillness of the blank canvas. Naturally there are all sorts of links to heartache and heartbreak but all good songwriters find the time to bury these kinds of aches in their music despite the tempo.

Amanda Merdzan once again proves that she is an artist to watch – it personally excites me because her music has always had a deep personal connection. It’s like she’s singing directly to your environment and circumstance and there is nothing better than feeling like an artist you admire is somehow swirling inside the same kind of spiritual and physical chaos that you are.


With “Glow” Merdzan may be singing about the damaged life she has experienced but lucky for us, the music she delivers in order to communicate her pain is without any imperfections or defects, it is true perfection – clear, unblemished, unmarked and beautiful.

By: Dan Newton




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