SINGLE REVIEW: “Stonapop” by Ultrafeedy


It always bothers me when I read some clickbait bullshit article on any online music website about the “death of rock n roll” in the modern age. The reason it annoys me so much is because I hate to break it to all of you, but the real enemy of rock n roll is the ignorant music listener who is too much of a fucking idiot to look a bit deeper. Considering we live in the age of the internet I would have assumed that finding new music for people would have been so much easier but apparently somehow all the good “rock music” just magically disappeared.

There is an ample amount of good rock music being made on both a mainstream and underground level and it isn’t hard to find. In fact over the past few years a lot of my listening has been dominated by amazing rock records and the brand new A-side / B-side single release from Ultrafeedy is a great example of the type of great stuff being made and what’s even better, it’s made right here in Brisbane.

Ultrafeedy make gloriously “right on” rock n roll sounds and after their fantastic debut EP the band are back with “Stonapop” which uses the past sounds of the rock n roll artform to catapult the band deep into the future. Aesthetics aside though this new group of songs just flat out fucking rocks.


This is a no nonsense group of tracks that combines hardcore punk energy with thick Black Sabbath riffs and in true Ultrafeedy fashion it flips a middle finger to the popular vote and goes straight for the gold by using the rock n roll launch pad and in the process sounding as sincere and brutal as ever. There are some humans who can lean on nostalgia and sound contrived and formulaic but when it comes to Ultrafeedy they manage to push the idea of the riff forward to new and exciting places whilst still bowing down to our lord and saviour Mr Tony Iommi although in Ultrafeedy’s case I think that lord and saviour may just be Mr Josh Homme.

I pity any fuckwit who says something as stupid as “where has all the rock music gone” – open your fucking ears dipshit, great rock music is everywhere and once again Ultrafeedy are leading the pack as one of its great innovators locally. Turn this motherfucker up loud and nestle into the warmth of all those sludgy riffs, you’ll feel inner peace in no time.

By: Dan Newton




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