HEAVY AND WEIRD PRESENTS: Loving The Alien – A Tribute To David Bowie – Artist Announcement – two of nine – Willow


Heavy and Weird are proud to announce the second of nine artists performing at “Loving The Alien: A Tribute to David Bowie”


Willow uses her voice and guitar to create a unique modern take on the blues. Willow’s musical dialogue is influenced and informed by the pure emotional experience that music can provide. It tingles every bone in your body and makes you want to scream. There is no agenda to her music other than to connect with her audience on that kind of level where the business of art doesn’t matter. Willow is another fine example of a young artist striving to make music for music’s sake and to avoid the pressure and cliche’s of what modern audiences have come to expect.

Willow’s early demos illustrate what a master communicator she is as a creative human being and as music history has shown, if you want to be an artist that connects with other humans you got to be a great communicator. Dynamically and Stylistically Willow crafts a wonderful wall of mechanically aided landscapes through various instruments but it is her voice that is the true star of her creative arsenal as it roars with all kinds of pain and celebration. There is a very human element to her sound and its warmth and sincerity is what allows for the mood of her music to build and rush in and out you, it’s a fucking thrilling experience.

There is nothing more refreshing then experiencing an artist as real as Willow. Although her journey has just begun, Willow has the potential to soundtrack the lives of many different human beings who are always on the hunt for a movement of music to help them heal from being dragged down by the weight of existence. Her mysterious yet majestic sounds are the best trusted pain reliever for those who still believe in the kind of rock n roll that Page, Plant, Bonham and Jones tapped into all those years ago.

This will be Willow’s debut performance as a solo artist – so come and be part of history as she pays tribute to Bowie whilst also indulging us with a few of her own tunes – heavy and weird feel incredibly fortunate to have Willow be part of this line-up.

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“Right now, it feels as if the solar system is off it’s axis, as if one of our main planetary anchors has lost it’s orbit. That said – I am certain that wherever Bowie is now – I want to be there someday.” – Micheal Stipe

For 69 years David Bowie was a gift bestowed upon planet earth to help our species understand the power and importance of pop music. There was something truly Alien about his presence that gave hope to the freaks among us that we had a spokesman. His curiosity for the weird and wonderful avant-garde artforms helped inform and influence the music he made. Bowie understood and believed in the unpopular, the insignificant and the overlooked humans of society and he gave them a voice. David Bowie was a warm hug for the alienated youth of every generation from 1960 through to 2016 and his influence and power went way beyond just being another pop singer. He invented new ways of communicating musically and he also championed the artists and bands that the music industry elite chose to ignore. There is a lot to celebrate when it comes to David Bowie but his greatest legacy is the way he has inspired the other aliens among us to pick up an instrument and to express themselves through art and music.

Despite his iconic fashion statements it was Bowie’s music that mattered most and on 14th May 2016 Heavy and Weird are proud to be curating their first live musical event – “Loving The Alien” – A Tribute to David Bowie

This event will see a diverse group of artists pay tribute to the music of David Bowie and to dive a bit deeper into his catalouge to share with you some of his most popular and unpopular songs. This is a celebration of alienation and how Bowie’s music helped save and give purpose and comfort and remedy to that feeling of being different to everyone else.

Stay Tuned for our Line-Up announcement

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Leukemia Foundation

Saturday 14th May 2016 at The Bearded Lady
138 Boundary Street West End

Doors Open: 6:00pm
Cost: $10.00



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