SINGLE OF THE WEEK: “Savage” by Quintessential Doll


“The idea of songwriting is a transformative thing, and what I do with songwriting is take situations that are quite ordinary and transform them in some way. Apart from things like the murder ballads, the songs I write, at their core, are quite ordinary human concerns, but the process of writing about them transforms them into something else.”

Nick Cave

Listening to the new single “Savage” from Quintessential Doll it was hard for me not to think of the above Nick Cave quote because lyrically this song speaks a lot about the sting and stained aftermath of a personal and spiritual transformation. The main refrain of “My Mad Beauty Will Never be Yours To Tame, I will never by yours” roars like a hushed vehicle of desired escapism. A line later in the song “My Conflicted Heart Attempts to Escape My Ribcage” gives a great illustration of the deep rooted pain anchoring the delicate yet ache shaped melodies that soak every inch of this beautiful track. It’s an intoxicating experience that combines the exotic search for understanding in a world that continues to function within the boundaries of rules and regulations.


As a song “Savage” is just as much about the elite freedom attached to the explosive fresh breeze of a blank canvas whilst also touching on the pure bleakness of the shame you feel when you have to execute some collateral damage on humans you loved, the whole process of graduating to the place where people you know become people you knew. The production is pure perfection and matches the flawless vocal patterns contained both in a lead and backing capacity. Everything moves in a hypnotic unison hooking you in, taking you deep beneath the drama beating at the centre of the songs turmoiled shining light. It flattens you to the point of being totally breathless and haunts long after the track has finished. There is an exhaustion and real high that comes on once the track finishes, almost like an endorphin release. It’s a fucking soul drenched experience that rips open your heart, makes you want to weep but at the same time you want to just fucking run and get the fuck out of what ever bad situation you find yourself in.

In 2016 “Savage” by Quintessential Doll deserves to be the new national anthem for those human beings who have graduated from teenage angst to adult pain and who still seek the emotional rush of a good pop song when it comes to finding a remedy for trying to feel some kind of “I’m not alone” resolve.

Pure, Fractured and Pop Song Perfection – Quintessential Doll is one of the first real 21st Century artists to light a path to the new sound of now

By: Dan Newton

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Film Clip for “Savage” –


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