Heavy and Weird Presents: Collapse Into Now – Volume One – Artist Announcement – Quintessential Doll


Heavy and Weird Presents: Collapse Into Now – Volume One

A night of new Progressive, Experimental, Psychedelic and Pop music from Brisbane and Beyond – true future music

Thursday 8th December 2016 – 6:00pm at the Bearded Lady – $10.00 entry fee

Artist Announcement:


Quintessential Doll

Quintessential Doll is one of the first real 21st Century artists to light a path to the new sound of now. As an Artist, she is fiercely original, mysterious, a master communicator and the true evolution of psychedelic music. Existing somewhere between pop music structures and hip hop dynamics, Quintessential Doll presents her music as art and uses every inch of the creative dialogue – the audio and the visual – to showcase her fearlessness. Everything she creates moves in a hypnotic unison hooking you in, taking you deep beneath the drama beating at the centre of her music’s turmoiled shining light. It flattens you to the point of being totally breathless and haunts long after the experience has finished. There is an exhaustion and real high that comes on once the music finishes, almost like an endorphin release. It’s a fucking soul drenched experience that rips open your heart, makes you want to weep but at the same time you want to just fucking run and get the fuck out of what ever bad situation you find yourself in. In 2016 and beyond Quintessential Doll’s music deserves to be the new national anthem for those human beings who have graduated from teenage angst to adult pain and who still seek the emotional rush of a good pop song when it comes to finding a remedy for trying to feel some kind of “I’m not alone” resolve.

Pure Fractured Perfection – Quintessential Doll is an intoxicating experience that combines the exotic search for understanding in a world that continues to function within the boundaries of rules and regulations.

Useful Links:

Official Website – http://quintessentialdollmusic.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/quintessentialdoll




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