SINGLE AND FILM CLIP OF THE WEEK: “Brisbane, Transit Centre” by Andrew Tuttle


Today we are proud to be bringing you a combined single and video of the week. The artist in question is a Brisbane underground legend whose pioneering sounds have helped establish him as one of the most respected artists in our country. I’m of course talking about Andrew Tuttle and we’re proud to be premiering his new single and video for a new piece titled “Brisbane, Transit Centre” which you can stream down below.


The single is a re-interpretation of a live staple of Andrew’s which was originally recorded a few years back for his first EP under his own name. The song was recorded and mixed whilst Andrew was doing a fortnight residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm after a short European tour in April/May, in between working on a new album,  a follow up to his fantastic 2016 release “Fantasy League.” This single is the first of two standalone singles Andrew will be releasing over summer in the lead up to the album release in mid-2017.

There is a dedication to mood and atmosphere but where other artists may favour the drone Andrew slips into the sunshine of pop music and more traditional folk stylings in order to ground his noise experimentation’s. There are lots of Jim O’Rourkeism’s all over this new single and that totally rules because I’m a devout believer in the healing power of Jim O’Rourke. I can hear the nods to all the pioneers of this genre but for me it was the pop skills of this track that impressed me most. I automatically had millions of different vocal melody ideas leap out of my mind as I sunk deep into this strictly instrumental track. The song is a beautiful thing to witness and is a nice slice of cinematic bliss that will leave you wanting more.

The film clip for this song also does a wonderful job of selling the magic of this song – have a peek below:

For those that don’t know, here is a quick history lesson (courtesy of Andrew’s BIO) –  Andrew Tuttle, based in Brisbane, Australia; creates sounds that explore the relationship between instrumentation, structure and genre within electronics and acoustics. Tuttle, usually solo, although occasionally in semi-regular and ad-hoc collaboration, creates a synthesis of electronic/acoustic instrumentation and genre, and improvisation/composition performed on computer, banjo, synthesiser, acoustic guitar, etc etc.

Under his own name and previously from 2004-2013 under the moniker Anonymeye, Tuttle has released recordings on labels including A Guide To Saints (Room40), Heligator, Someone Good (Room40), Bedroom Suck, Feral Media, hellosQuare, Twice Removed, Duskdarter, sound&fury, Flaming Pines, and New Weird Australia. Under his own name, solo, and in collaboration, Tuttle has performed at festivals including St Jerome’s Laneway Festival (Brisbane, AU), Melbourne International Jazz Festival (Melbourne, AU), OtherFilm Festival (Brisbane, AU) and Sonic Masala (Brisbane, AU); and venues including Cafe OTO (London, UK), Gallery of Modern Art (Brisbane, AU), Institute of Modern Art (Brisbane, AU), Le Bourg (Lausanne, CH), 107 Projects (Sydney, AU), HeK (Basel, CH), Plunge (Milan, IT), Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane, AU), The Old Museum (Brisbane, AU) and Howler (Melbourne, AU). Tuttle has collaborated live and/or on record (or in other situations) with musicians and sound artists including Matmos, Lawrence English, Mike Cooper, Blank Realm, Cornel Wilczek (Qua), Heinz Riegler, Inner Light (Smoke Bellow), Seaworthy, Rauberhohle, Kris Keogh, Joel Stern, Feet Teeth, Pale Earth and Sasha Margolis (Automating). As well as the aforementioned, Tuttle has shared concert lineups with artists including Matmos, Julia Holter, Forest Swords, Hauschka, The Soft Pink Truth, Daniel Bachman, Gudrun Gut, OM, Deradoorian, Pimmon, Omar Souleyman, Heinz Riegler, Julian Day, Kris Keogh, Tralala Blip, Wixtes, Lumisokea, Monika Brooks, Marihiko Hara and Sparkspitter.

Prior to 2013, Tuttle primarily recorded and performed under the moniker Anonymeye. After three albums, two dozen other recorded appearances and over one hundred live performances in Australia, Europe, and New Zealand; the Anonymeye moniker was retired in early 2013. When not creating music, Tuttle is an active participant in the Australian independent music community, as a creative director, tour manager, freelance writer and arts administrator. Tuttle also has a strong love for cricket.

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